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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media marketing is all about sharing content.
Social Media Marketing will not only build your brand, but it will give it meaning. When you think: Joe's Local Restaurant do you think food, a night out with friends, music, desserts or something else. It would be sad if you had no opinion and worse if your opinion was negative.
Buying advertising on social media sites is more affordable than on most search engines. The big obstacle is that the internet is global and paying your way to stardom, no matter the channel, is expensive because of the dilution of your ad spend across a global population. Yes, geographic targeting is available but how effective is neighbourhood targeting?  Try searching for a specific cuisine in your neighbourhood.  Try it. The lowest number of search results that I have just got exceeded 47,000.
If you reverse engineer the search process by understanding that the internet is an awesome network. How can you limit its reach? On the plus side, it is mobile with easy access. If offers image, video, file and voice sharing. Thus with most people being on one or more social media sites you have free access to the world's biggest communication success story.
Peel away the hype, and you will find that while there are no neighbourhoods, cities or countries there are very rigid social networking groups.  On Facebook you have a network of Friends, On Twitter, a network of Followers, In Instagram, a network of Followers and on Google+ circles of friends.
 At the core, we all have networks. At the centre, there are one's intimate friends, family and loved ones.  Next would be your close friends followed by associates that you interact with at clubs, schools, churches and more.
Taken as a whole these are people that, at the least, know you. As one moves to the centre of a network, so the level of trust escalates. News will spread from the centre out. With this understanding, the relevance of social media sharing takes on the meaning that it should have to you, and it is what is at the core of the Webo Vouchers programme. It is your job to maintain the standards that your community expects to rate you on, at a level that you become newsworthy. It is our job to provide you with a platform that supports one-click sharing.
The next level is for your restaurant to take on a personality of its own and to rank in a local network as a trusted source of inspiration. With an open line and the active sharing of ideas, the chances of you setting and exceeding expectations are affordably doable.
You will have heard of Bill Gates's prediction that content would be king. It is true, but for you, it is not a good story that you need to be written you need to create the experience that becomes the content of shared stories, reviews and opinions.
As a stranger to your neighbourhood, you would likely seek the advice of Trip Advisor or another review site about What's Good. For you, however, first prize is the opinion of someone within your circle of friends.
Shared opinions between people in a network are more valued than promotional messages or ads on social media, and so the most important part of social media marketing is creating experiences that people are tempted to share it with others.
Your objective, simply put, must be for your customers, followers and friends to, in effect, become your marketing agents.
How to get your Business Growing?
Input: Plan a voucher event with presold patronage that allows for you to affordably go the extra mile in exceeding customer satisfaction expectations.
Output: The output must be memorable experiences.
Impact: The impact of the event will be shared messaging and reviews by people who want to share their memorable moments.
Outcome:  The outcome of continuous excellence will be a growth in your restaurant's patronage.
A message shared from a trusted source with a link to a buy now button is the best form of t social media marketing. It's more effective than paid marketing.  The real value lies in building trust. Trust in your ability to present memorable experiences.
One more time
With a high degree of network buy-in, your promotional messages for future promotions will be shared. In the end, you will achieve the volumes needed to exceed expectations affordably and your growth and success will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
The Webo Vouchers Marketing Package is your key to success, but it must be placed in a lock that is committed to unlocking memorable experiences. Discounted pricing attracts but the long term memory will be the experience and not the money left in your wallet. It is the memory and not the saving that will draw customers back. Best of all, small local businesses can play this "game" on a par with big business and normally with more effect as they have the local emotional attachment that is another key to success.
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