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#Hashtag Marketing

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Loyalty Programme Marketing enables clients to easily share referrals
and so become advocates of a business that meets expectations.
Having a branded App creates a community of customers who contribute and who share.
The Webo App offers READ MORE links to #Hashtag Showcase Pages
Hashtags offer a range of benefits such as expanding your reach, improving the chances of you being found and giving focus to campaigns. The strategic use of #hashtags will help to improve your SEO and get your site trending.
We use #hashtags as a part of our Loyalty Programme as they enable us to shape and market an identity. In getting ready you should start thinking about a tag line, a mantra, if you like. These will help you to shape your #hashtag. The use of a suite of carefully chosen strategic @hashtags  is encouraged. Consider a brand hashtag, a lifestyle hashtag, short term hashtags that give identity to the campaigns.
In many ways hashtags are like keywords, they define who you are, and they leave a bread crumb trail back to you. It’s about extending your reach and attracting new potential customers back to your site for a conversation.
Social marketing, campaigns, and promotions generate engagement. Engagement builds awareness. Engaging with trending #hashtags allows you to enjoy the springboard and to pull followers back to your site.
Think locations, experiences, events, lifestyle. product use and more and the possibilities will escalate.
Start using #hashtags with product images, think competitions that entertain, amaze and engage. How do your #hashtags give meaning to your customer’s lifestyles and hobbies. What are the common threads?
Chat to us about including your #hashtag marketing into your Loyalty Programme. Including one-click #hashtag links and one-click options to vote on #hashtag competitions opens the door to the next level of our loyalty programme.
  • Hashtags offer the opportunity to be found.
  • Effective strategies can be implemented to achieve defined objectives.
  • Hashtags enable the linking or harvesting of shares content in cross-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Hashtags offer more than the message or image they offer a list of the contact details of the people who participated in the campaign.
  • Hashtags can be used as a poll counter - respond to #AddYourVote and be counted!
  • The possibilities are vast, some of which, are discussed belo
  • Call to Action Hashtags. eg #ShareIdeasonABC 
  • They can also be used to invite a chat at given times on given topics  eg  #ChatFitness
The urge to share interesting information, valuable deals, interesting stories, fun pictures is often surpressed as it is not easy to do. The Webo Vouchers App puts Red More Information, Reviews and Sharing only one clich away.
A Kennel and Cattery offering Prizes for the best #MyPetPics - Customers vote online on a poll on the App
A brewery promoting a coupon reward offering prizes for images loaded to a brand hastag  #BeerPromoPics  Best pictures reap rewards!  Redbull promoted a campaign to #Hashtag selfie type images showing the can after a #hashtag image showed the can as if mounted on a car.  Where would you place a beer bottle to create an entertaining, silly, engaging, interesting, fun picture?
# Ideas
Experience marketing with #hashtags is great. Fun seekers load #FunNiteClub pictures of dancng etc. Each waiter in the club has their own #hashtag   Winners earn rewards.
Competition rewards need not be products supplied by the seller. Establish the fantasies of customers - perhaps the use of a hired super car for a day or week will prove to be an irresistable incentive to participate in the campaign.
Campaigns to boost participation need not be about the products supplied, Create fun themes eg #BestHighFiveInFive   Customers could tweet a high five story in 5 words and end it with a #Hashtag eg  "my story in 5 words" #BestHighFiveInFive
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