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Loyalty Programmes: Why do they work?

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Alan Mackenzie
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Our social media integration, strategic engagement and performance measurement will help you monitor and build closer relationships with your customers.
Our CEO is an unstoppable strategist who has time and again achieved the impossible by turning around the performance of entities such as small business, National Government Departments and Universities. His 4 Channel Marketing system is custom built to meet the needs of small business. He believes that, off the baseline of your current customers, you can get them to help grow your business. There is a catch; you have to know who they are and you need to engage and build relationships.
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Engagement, Set-up Fees and Contract Duration.
All our packages have a month to month alternative as well as an annual bulk buy option.
Most of our sofware is available as a DIY option at  You need not offer your credit card details and we do not require advance payment.
You can sign up and take a 14 day free trial without committing to any software hosting or sitebuilder fees. Once logged in select the Membership Renewal Option in Your "Member's Portal,"   Renew My Hub Membership/Pay-As-U-Go. Once selected you can scroll down to see that every package has a 30 day option plus an annual bulk buy option.
Our collective network marketing chapters offer a multiplier to your market reach that is unique. Many seek the comfort of the passing trade in shopping malls and together their combined marketing reach offers the multiplier that collectives alone can attain. Join us and benefit from the benefits of the passing trade that Webo, as a directory, offers.
Customer views and reviews and the transparency thereof is evidenced by our customer accounts where customers can review and edit comments, update their list of subscriptions. Add to this the management of coupons, vouchers, lucky draw tickets and more and you will understand what underpins our advantage in establishing customer relationships.
Our blog topics, product showcases and app product communicators are all custom built to take your message viral through social media sharing. There is no secret, establish the needs in your market; desires, pains and requirements. When you have the needs, you have a start. Next, you need to establish the benefit of why you should be the supplier. Is it your delivery policy, knowledge eBooks or lucky draw giveaway excitement? For many, they look no further than price and while cheap may be important to some, value and benefits outperform cheap. When you have, the benefits pegged, you need to make it easy and quick for your customers to share benefits with friends.
Network marketing has been a success story for decades. Groups attending breakfast meetings to listen to the pitch of others has driven growth through one on one recommendations. Do not knock the idea but is there a better way of spreading the word? We have built a collective marketing system that interfaces with social media to take the recommendations of others to collective customer bases. This done, the collective customer base has the power to grow your business. All you need do is offer something of value to the collective customer base, to share and one can become ten and more!
Business growth is no accident, it is the product of a vision that inspires a strategy to make it happen. This is our area of expertise and we would be thrilled to help you engineer a strategy to deliver your vision.
Take a step back. The game of business requires inputs that produce outputs. The outputs must make a difference and have an impact on the markets in which they operate. To have an impact the products and services must be true to the promise that they represent. Given time, success will lead to subjective outcomes that are higher up the hierarchy of needs, like peace of mind, consumer loyalty and more. These insights are critical to establishing success that you desire.
We believe that your growth will be optimized by our four-channel marketing system. We can provide these channels; however, you may have some of these channels in place. It is not their existence that makes it happen, it is the strategy to deliver your vision that is important. We deliver growth and so much of the “toolbox” that you need to make it happen.


Having built our own specialist site builders we offer seamless content presentation within specialist enablers. Absolutely, content is King! (Bill Gates) however no matter the relevance if the presentation is poor it will not be read. We say, presentation is Queen!
Our focus is on measured performance delivery to local businesses. We all live in neighbourhoods and going local is often forgone ‘cos the option is not top of mind. Our strategy of growing your business by nurturing and creating the inner strength that can be yours.


Our strategic direction is guided by the need for simplicity. In our internationally published book on performance enhancement (ask us for a copy or buy it on Amazon) we have companies in a variety of countries’ that have tried and tested the touch points of people, systems, funding and culture. Get these right and growth will have nowhere to hide!
Many digital marketers are experts in big budget blast campaigns. All too often you will read about what makes campaigns fly! You know, it is what also makes aircraft fly; the ever popular $!  The more you have to spend the more success you can expect. Project teams of experts need to be remunerated and even on keen markup norms you can expect to get what you pay for. This approach has a place in meeting big business needs. Our focus on seeding the market and upon nurturing growth organically. Together, we can do it. Ask us how you can get noticed for $10 and we will share examples that have done it.
Opt-in e-mail to customers that have subscribed is effective however some prefer short message alerts and then again some prefer not to receive notification by any means. Our communicator Apps offer tap to open convenience for customers that prefer to see what’s new when they have a quiet moment. Do your clients have your button on their phones? Many local businesses have no formal customer records never mind strategic opt-in e-mail and short message databases. Up to now a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) for local businesses has not been affordable.E-mail opened on phones is on the rise with some estimates putting it at over 50%. The fact is that the phone has become a “Pocket Advisor” and our 4-channel marketing system has redesigned the approach to content presentation.

Once you have the enablers in place you can grow organically by nurturing your customers to become loyal advocates.

You can also market your business with a seed budget that offers a return on your investment. 

Collectively marketing your business by way of joining a network marketing chapter is another way of achieving a vision without a large budget.

You can take the tour above (6.5 minute video) or you can follow the links below and browse the live site.
You will find Mia Bella 18 at  Customers may have an independent URL and they may have one plus they can use the Webo Directpry folder URL. Mia Bella 18 prefer the benefit of the passing trade that they get from being in the directory - it is akin to being in a shopping mall! You will find the Mia bella 18 App at
Webo Digital Giveaways

PcPe: The People Centred Performance Enhancement eBook is published in over one hundred countries and is available on Amazon. If you seek a turnaround strategy that works this eBook is tried and tested and has turned around small businesses, National Government Departments and even a University Department. You can read the reviews and about the USA 5 Star Award on Amazon. Click the links above to read these books on Webo Apps. TTGO: The book on the right Time to Go Online will help you navigate the challenges of going online.  There is no charge for these eBooks - we do not ask for e-mail adresses. If you'd like to chat however, let's set up a strategy session and get your business growing.



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Link to the following Referral Marketing Comunicators:

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Our Loyalty & Referral Communicator is built to suit individual requirements with our SaaS for local businesses.

Join the Webo Refer-A-Friend or Business Connection Programme
Our Advocates cash reward is R500 ($30) & our Ambassadors get R1 000 ($60)
per successful Referral. T's & C's Apply.  Click here to READ MORE

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