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About The Webo LPM App

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About Digital Marketing with the Webo SaaS
The Webo SaaS (Software as a Service)
Webo Digital offers a Sofware Package that is a gateway to build a variety of specialist digital marketing platforms. The sofware is supplied as a service (SaaS) to members who subscribe for a DIY membership or for a Built for you Membership. Both SaaS plans receive equal support. 
The DIY SaaS Package
We highly recommend that you invest time in building your own LPM and if you need to we recommend that you develop the in-house talent to do so by us assisting and advising you in the creation of your own referral marketing campaigns.
Webo Digital
The LPM App is a product of Webo Vouchers which is a division of Webo Digital who develop specialist digital marketing platforms.
Other Webo Divisions
Other divisions include: Webo Hubs, Webo Sites, Webo Link & List Communicators, Webo Meetings Communicators, Webo Directories and Webo WhatsGood Contact List Communicators.
LPM App Integration & Roadmap
The LPM App integrates coupon, loyalty and referral marketing within a Loyalty Programme Marketing (LPM) campaign that is promoted via the fusion of websites, blogs, apps and social media (4 Channel Marketing) to build customer relationships that we recommend are targeted to double your turnover in half the time (DTHT) by driving implementation along an internationally tried and tested roadmap.
The Webo PeP
The Webo PeP is a tried and tested corporate performance enhancement programme that is included with the SaaS. One of the PeP case studies is now published in over a hundred countries and international implementation reviews can be read on Amazon.
Game Changer
We see the LPM App as offering the ability for a company to be a Game Changer. This is because it has the ability to support the required attributes which include:
Dynamic, Agile and Responsive:
Your digital marketing strategy and programme needs to be dynamic, agile and responsive.  Nobody reads old news and your LPM Communicator is no exception.
Key to Failure:
There are a number of keys to success but the often found key to the failure, of a referral marketing programme, is offering non-relevant rewards.
Key to Success:
To thrive, the Communicator App must be promoted and referrals must be easy to do and they must be rewarded.
Push & Pull Communication:
Customers prefer a mix of push and pull communication channels with them deciding on the communication channels that they use.
The LPM App is an innovation in that it combines the best of coupon, loyalty and referral marketing and it integrates it across the multi channel platform. 
Regular and Predictable Communication:
The frequency of LPM App updates has a direct impact on the retention of customer interest in the button on their phone home screens. 
Customer self-interest drives referrals and referrals drive growth through the performance of dynamic referral marketing campaigns.
We highly recommend our DIY Plan because it should be you that communicates with your customers and we are committed to ensuring your build success. 
Dynamic In-house Marketing:
The creation, implementation and continuous modification of referral marketing campaigns is best done in-house.
Developing Digital Marketing Talent:
Our support is an opportunity to invest in developing digital marketing talent to engage with customers.  
Audience Building: Referral Marketing opens the door to market segment growth and it enables growth into new market places.
Reward Structuring:
An important facet of a referral campaign is the investment in exploring the relevance of digital information products to clients.
Researching Relevant Reward Options:
While cash rewards will remain popular a well placed relevant information based reward is an innovation that is highly desired.
Information Apps:
We have specialised in the creation of Apps to deliver information and see that we have the edge in this regard as it directly addresses the need for relevant and affordable rewards.
Cutting Edge:
Certainly Referral Marketing with the LPM App is like no other.
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About The Webo LPM App
"It's a Referral Marketing Platform Like No Other"
Plans & Pricing:
Our plans and pricing are customised to suit customer needs. Standard plans and pricing are:
  • DIY Plan at R1250 pm /  About $83 pm
  • B4U Plan at R2500 pm / About $166 pm
  • Facebook audience building bundles at R500 pm /About $33 pm
Free Trial
Yes, a 14 day free trial is offered.  Get It
Training Material for DIY SaaS Members
We support DIY SaaS members on our Blog, with eBooks, Powerpoint Presentations, PDF Documentation, Video Tutorials and more.
Live Support
Online live chat, Video Conferencing on Skype & FCC plus one on one consultations (by arrangement in Meeting Rooms)
Headline Features
SMS & eMail Contact Subscriber Databases, 4 Channel Site Builder (Website, Communicator Apps and Blogs with Social Media integration that promotes  Coupon, Loyalty & Referral Campaign Automation, full eCommerce Option for digital & physical products and services that are fully customisable. We offer coupon, terms and conditions, site look and feel and meeting minute template selection options. We offer information Communicator Coupon Reward Builders, online meeting room builders, quiz webpage builders , eBook builders, Powerpoint presenters, image and video Gallery builders, landing page builders and more...
Referral Codes
Personalised coupon based campaigns with unique coupon codes sharing and / or with mention me referencing
Website, Blog and Communicator Apps connect to customers in real time
LPM App Build Progress Reviews
By request we offer on demand reviews
Administration Automation
Customers manage their own loyalty status on individual private accounts managed by themselves with full referral reward acquisition, sharing and redemption tracking
Audience Building Social Sharing Options
Registered users  can select any social media sharing option ( there are hundreds) plus one on one e-mail sharing is enabled.
International eCommerce Support: Where desired the showcasing of products and services can be embedded within an operational eCommerce functionality with one click conversion to any currency including an in-house currency setup for in-house sales of eg uniforms, consumables etc.
The Webo SaaS is deployed as a Web-based package that is  Hosted & Firewalled on USA Servers. It is like having a shop/office in an international mall
Our Executive Management is based in South Africa under the guidance of Alan Mackenzie an ex Associate Professor of Financial Management and IT turned Unstoppable Strategist who has achieved impossible turnaround success in both the public and private sector.
SaaS Support: Server Support is based in the USA, Programmers are mostly based in India and Graphic Design Support is mostly based in  South Africa and in Ireland
URL Format
In the same way that you get a Facebook or Twitter, etc folder URL so too SaaS members get a Webo Directory URL and they may set up the direction of an independent URL of their choice if they so desire
Webo was founded in 2004 with a vision of creating an affordable way for companies to digitally Market themselves on the internet populated by 1.3 billion (and counting) websites.
The Problem & Our Solution
The Problem
Playing the Game of SEO stacks you against the 1.6 billion websites (and counting) out there. If you are not up to meeting the challenges of keyword ranking, backlink building and more your site will be buried and it will not be found without a stash of cash!
Think of it as a telephone book that is not in alphabetic order and where the entries are arranged by keyword like in the Yellow Pages. It’s not complex but it is hopelessly overloaded. Search for anything and you are likely to get thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of search results. Absolutely, you can pay to get seen. All it takes is a budget; do you have one?
There is another way
Reputations and referrals have always grown businesses. Your customers are on the internet and so too are their crowd of friends and business connections. Online reviews grow reputations, sharing grows awareness and referrals with recommendations grows businesses. It’s about your customers sending your number to their friends. They will know you as they will have your contact details and online search will not be needed. On average people on Facebook have over 300 friends. If, on average, only one referral per customer takes up the referral, then your business will double and it will do so in half the time.
Lets us show you how.
You will find the Webo Digital Video below on the Restaurants Site (Sallys Seafood Restaurant) at: www.Restaurants.Webo.Directory
Please be clear that customers growing your business is a completely different ballgame to discounting with Groupon styled coupons.
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