Day 3: Read more on Hotel Marketing with the Webo SaaS
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Read more on Lodge and Hotel Marketing with the Webo SaaS here:  
The Lodge and Hotel Communicator Apps demonstrate a country lodge and a city hotel in the same group sharing the same loyalty programme with casual dining facilities/restaurants. 
The demo includes two outsourced fine dining restaurants -  these have their own separate loyalty programmes but points earned on either can be transferred between the two. 
A hotel group could share a group loyalty programme for all outlets and they could partner with local shops, car hire etc with whom they could exchange points.
Partner outlets could be within the Webo Loyalty Programme with each having separate but linked loyalty programmes.
Customers would have one loyalty account covering all shops invited to be partners & the group hotels.
  • Find an eBook review on international/local hotel and restaurant loyalty schemes here 
  • Find a flipbook of Powerpoint templates that can be used to customise a hotel digital marketing strategy here   use the password  1234@abcd
  • Download an eBook on Digital & Referral Marketing with the Webo SaaS here:
  • Download an eBook on Reward Structuring wih th Webo SaaS here:
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