Loyalty Programmes Engage your Customers and Build Relationships.
Audience Builder Packages deliver an audience to your App.
We take loyalty programmes one step up to enable your customers to grow your business.
If your customers are happy they will share a benefit with their friends if it is easy.
We make it one-click easy, on your own customised App,
for your customers to share the benefits that you provide.
Let us brighten your day with a customized solution to grow your business.
What have you given your customers today to share with a friend?
The concept is easy to understand.
Give your customers something that they will share with a friend and they will do so.
The small print is that sharing must be easy on phones and on PC's.
If every customer refers you to a friend who likes your products and services.
Would your business double in size?
Let us find the cupcakes to share, the cheese cake to impress and the macaroons
that will excite customers to share and grow your business. Normally we suggest that you
stay away from making your products cheap!
Loyalty Programmes for Restaurants
Loyalty Programmes for Professional Services
Loyalty Programmes for Veterinary Services
Loyalty Programmes for Retail
Loyalty Programmes for Seasonal Marketing: Xmas, Easter, etc.
Our LPM & CRM Packages
(Loyalty Programme Marketing and Customer Relationship Management)
Our build fees for our Commmunicator App are based on your needs.
We have built Communicators from a basic R1,500 build fee plus a monthly hosting and maintenace fee of R970 pm.
Contact us for a quote based on the expected time needed to build the site.
Please contact us and we’ll get back to you shortly.
Yip, you need to get in touch to get growing.
Our LPM & CRM options are a part of the PeP
Our PeP is designed to enable our tried and tested Methods and Fameworks
to be customised to effect Step Change Growth that often is considered to be impossible.
Hairdressing Salons, Medical Practioners, Restaurants, Week-end Getaway Destinations, Lifestyle Experiences & more.
Why sell coupon deals through third party vendors when your current customers can grow your business.
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