Readiness Affirmations

Readiness Affirmations
The LPM Campaign Readiness Affirmations are set out below. Please reflect and affirm: 
1. I have surveyed our customers and understand what they value about our products & services.
2. I know what it is that we are a solution to, eg. a desire.
3. I have categorised our customers into broad segments of like minded customers with similar Needs, Pains, Desires, etc.
4. I have an understanding of the little things that make a difference to my customers within each broad segment.
5. I understand that many of our customers find information valuable and I have surveyed them to establish what information is relevant to them.
6. I have considered the relevancy of financial rewards.
 7. I have considered the relevancy of non-financial rewards.
8. I have considered the relevancy of Status Rewards
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