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Do Your Customers Grow Your Business?

The Hard Facts
The internet is getting complicated and crowded. There are 1.6 billion websites and 2 billion blogs (January 2019). Over 100 million domains are registered daily. There are about 4,4 billion internet users (8,2% in the USA). These are huge numbers but only 181 million websites are active. This means that over 1.4 billion websites are inactive. It also means that without big budgets SME websites are not found and generic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) does not deliver traffic to local business websites that, all too often, are abandoned. The trend is to owner built sites that are more simple but which deliver content that is more personal and relevant to users. Social media has taught us all to be ourselves and to engage, first hand. The outcome will increasingly be that local sites will not be ranked high enough to be found.
Reputations and referrals grew businesses before the internet and this has not changed. Webo envisioned the future that is today back in 2004 and Webo started to create another way of being found on the internet. In short, digital marketing channels linked to specialised communicators can automate direct engagement and establish online communitiies that grow businesses. Let us show you how.
Get, Save & Redeem Relevant Rewards for buying, reviewing and sharing. Every customer gets a private loyalty account. It is all about network automation and another way of building and managing a customer community that grows your business. Let us show you how.
Referral Marketing is about Automated Lead Generation
You can download our eBooks and explore the success stories to success!
Plus you get a 14 Day Free Trial - that is fully supported for your setup, build and campaign drive.
The best is you may qualify for at least a 50% off deal for the rest of the year - but - you must act now!
There is no commitment needed for the free trial...
...take it and setup, build and drive a campaign in days...
...then write your own testimonial during the 14 day free trial period.
Refer it to a friend and get 50% off - it's our mid year referral campaign!
Yes, you will get another 50% off for each successful referral based on your testimonial.
So, you'll pay 50% with one referral - 25% with 2 referrals - 12.5% with 3 referrals - 6.25% with 4 referrals, etc.
To qualify for this Promo Deal Referral Discount you must sign up with
Sign up & join over 6,000 entities on the Webo Directory. Founded in 2004 Version 2 launches the 
Loyalty & Referral Module. Every customer gets a loyalty account and customers can join more than
one loyalty program. You will have the option to join a Webo Loyalty Community that allows Customers
to transfer loyalty points between opt-in businesses. Membership offers huge collective marketing benefits.
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4 Channels: Websites, Blogs, Apps & Social Media Integration promote
4 Communicators: Meetings Communicators, WhatsGood Communicators, Link & List Communicators and Loyalty & Referral Programme Communicators.

Does Your Website Automate & Maintain Opt-In Customer List Databases For Mail & Messaging  ?

Do it with the The Webo SaaS Automation Toolkit
The Webo SaaS is a Content Management System (CMS) that enables subscribers to easily manage digital content. Our four click-built Channel Builders are paired with our four click-built Communicators (Bookmarklet Apps) on the Webo platform where users are able to create and deliver information relevant to their customers.
What we do
We provide digital marketing tools to businesses that delight their customers so that they can get their customers to double their turnover in half the time by introducing their friends who will convert from being leads to become a highly engaged audience.
Every customer of yours gets
  • The option to opt-in for SMS and or e-Mail communication.
  • The option to register for a private loyalty account that tracks their reviews, sharing, loyalty and referral status.
  • The option to add information communicator buttons (communicator apps) to their phone home screens or to their PC bookmarks.


Friends introducing friends works, it is no secret, but it needs to be easy, rewarded and managed to deliver the potential that it can be.

Do you ASK your customers to introduce their friends and do you REWARD them for doing so?

Your Customers Can Grow Your Business but it must be EASY To Do.
Let Us Show You How
Our tried and tested roadmaps build lookalike audiences through organic reach & automated leads from customer reviews, social sharing & rewards. You will be amazed by the power of referrals to grow your business by getting in front of the friends of your most profitable customers.
With the Webo SaaS you will have the Internet and Social Media Marketing Tools needed to build highly engaged audiences and leads because it is easy, relevantly rewarded and because your customers will laser target lookalike audiences for you. Let us show you how. 
Reputations and referrals have always grown businesses. The idea of the bundle is to allow you to discover gems in the toolbox that will allow you to continuously grow your online visitor traffic and to convert them into customers.
Reputation & Referral Marketing
Do you want to grow your business? If you do, traditionally, you needed to drive traffic to your website. The problem is that there are 3.6 billion (and counting) websites & blogs on the internet so page rank competition for keywords is intense. Couple this with keyword abuse and even highly targeted keyword searches render thousands of search results. The net effect is that many businesses are not found on the internet as browsers do not have the time to reviews thousands of search results. Every month hundreds of millions of URL's are sold. It is now like finding a fish in the sea!
Reputations and Referrals have always grown businesses and we have automated the process to enable the power of social media sharing to be reaped. It is another way of lead generation - the possibilities are staggering. Consider the following.
The Webo Loyalty & Referral App puts the opportunity to share on the phones of customers.
Earning an incentive plus the gratitude of a friend is only a couple of clicks away on a PC or on the phone that is in the pocket of a customer. 
The Webo SaaS shifts the focus to lead generation via customers who share  Rewards with friends and business connections.
If you are not delighting your customers we recommend that you address this matter with our tried and tested Performance enhancement Programme before you switch your attention to automated lead generation. It is included in the bundle.


Statistically studies have shown that 70% to 86% will share when it is worth their while and it is easy to do. Thus:
  • For every 100 customers of yours, if say 70% share with friends on say, Facebook where, on average, they have 338 friends.
  • Referrals may then reach: 70% x 338 people x 100 customers = 23,660 referrals in the first step.
  • In the next step the reach explodes but suffice to say that the local reach will be saturated.
  • Studies show that in theory, seven steps of friends and connections sharingwill result in everyone in the world on the Internet will be reached. This may be true but what is fact is that relevant rewards can go viral.
  • Suffice to say that with the Webo App making it easy, customers will benefit from  positive engagement via a choice of channels and they will become advisors (who write reviews) and advocates who effectively accelerate growth by sharing and by making referrals.
Refer-A-Friend and Mention-Me Rewards  /  2-Way Rewards /  Private Customer Loyalty & Referral Accounts

Create a Customer Centric, Agile Communication Platform that Engages & Converts

Automate CRM, Relationship Building and Brand Loyalty
The all-in-one bundle offered is structured to enable the building, over time, of an advanced online marketing platform. The Webo SaaS bundle which features 4 channel builders and 4 specialist communicator builders is arguably the most comprehensive digital marketing SaaS bundle available in the world. The fast track Referral Marketing App setup and build should take a novice builder (without coding skills, but with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Social Media skills) not more than a few days to complete. If you have the information available, say on an existing website you could create a Reputation and Referral Marketing Communicator App in a few hours.
  • Change is needed when: What got you here will not get you there – Get a roadmap
  • Change is needed when: You don’t have leads to engage – Get an automated lead generation system
  • Change is needed when: You need to grow your business – Get a Phone Button Link

The Webo SaaS Bundle



The site builder offers specialist page builders to showcase your content. Content is King, we agree but Presentation is Queen.
The Webo SaaS Bundle offers an amazing opportunity to Digital Markers and wannabe Digital Marketers to setup, build and drive reputation and referral marketing campaigns. Start by building a fast track campaign that is followed with the implementation of an internationally tried and tested roadmap that works for all kinds of businesses in a variety of industries and professions. Once built, brainstorm your needs and begin the journey to a comprehensive online digital marketing platform.
The Webo SaaS Bundle Includes;
  • Membership of the Webo Academy Online Support Group
  • The Reputation & Referral SaaS App Builder
  • Private Loyalty Accounts for every Customer
Bundle Bonus Modules
  • The Coupon Marketing App Builder
  • The Loyalty Marketing App Builder
  • The Webo Website Builder
  • The Webo Store Builder
  • The Webo Viral Blog Builder
  • The Webo Intelligent Quizpage Builder
  • The Webo eBook / Powerpoint Page Presenter
  • The Webo Image / Video Album Presenters
  • The Webo Link & List (Info) App Builder
  • The Webo WhatsGood App Builder
  • The Webo Online Meeting Rooms Builder
  • The PC or Phone Meeting Pack App Builder
  • The Webo Landing Page Builder
  • The Webo Signup Page Builder
  • Many Content Presentation Aids eg. Rotators, Slide Shows, Gif Builders, Pricing/Quote Calculators, etc.
  • Full access to the internationally acclaimed Performance enhancement Programme plus an Implementation Manual that has achieved turnarounds considered impossible by international audit firms.
  • Online Build Support: Online Meeting Rooms, Live Webinar and QA Video Conferencing /Coaching




The Store Builder manages the delivery fixed price physical products, digital products, online auctions, coupons, tickets, staff CV showcasing and more.
We could copy and paste glowing implementation testimonials such as on our book on Amazon but we believe that what’s been done for others is not the ultimate objective;
it is what it can do for you!
We urge you to get into the driver’s seat and let us show you how.
Yes, it’s easy, you can do it.
With average Microsoft Word, Powerpoint & Social Media Skills
you can build a digital marketing platform, with our software, to grow your business.
Commit to the FREE TRIAL now, you need not read any further 
and within the free trial period you will have experienced, first hand,
what it can do for you.
If you are ready to get started.
Our 14 Day Free Trial gets you going.
This means that you will not risk a cent!
The Website, Store, Showcase and Blog Builder has all the tools and content management systems needed to promote your four Communicators.


Information where relevant and desired is a powerful reward. Build WhatsGood Communicator Apps to meet the needs of your audiences.

Webo SaaS Subscribers Get Access To Tried & Tested LPM Roadmaps


The Webo SaaS bundle includes modules developed by the specialist Webo divisions. Once the Fast Track implementation of the Reputation & Referral module is complete subscribers will be urged to implement the full roadmap (3 Phases & 9 Steps) including the 4CM (4 Channel Marketing) steps. 
This implementation will open the door to the power of knowledge based rewards using eg the L & L App (Link & List App).


Loyalty Programmes that encourage customers to buy more and buy more often are a Win : Win that builds relationships and brand loyalty.
Referral Programmes that encourage customers to write reviews builds your reputation and sharing builds awareness.
Reputation and Referrals grow businessses - Start your campaigns today with the free trial offer.
Link to a Demo LPM Communicator:  Legal Decor  |  Jewellery  |  Restaurant  |  Hotels & Lodges  |  Mall Marketing

There Is Another Way!

  • Delight your customers
  • Make it easy for them to write reviews and share on social media ( see below)
  • Reward them with relevant rewards for growing your business
​The Webo SaaS has all the tools needed to make it happen - Let us show you how.
                We make it easy to write and share reviews                     &                    We make it easy to share opinions on social networks



Create relevant and desired Bulk Content Communicators with our Link & List Communicator Builder as a reward for writing reviews and for sharing.

Private Loyalty Accounts

Every Customer Of Yours Gets a Private Loayalty Account


Every Customer gets a Private Loyalty Account where they can Save, Share and Redeem Rewards as well as to manage Reviews and opt-in Communication.
Each signed up Webo SaaS customer becomes a Webo Member whose Online Site boasts a private loyalty account for every one of their customers that is automatically created for them when they register on the Communicator App for SMS and, or for Email notification.  In their customer loyalty accounts customers can save, retrieve, share and redeem coupon, loyalty or referral rewards. Because each customer has a private online loyalty account where they manage their own contact details, transactions and reviews the site is setup to be GDPR compliant.

The Other Way - Attract, Retain & Grow Customer Audiences

  • Attract: Offer relevant rewards for customers to share with their friends
  • Retain:  Segment customers to give focus to needs & desires
  • Grow: Make it Easy and Rewarded for customers to grow your business

Download this eBook

to Read More

The power of mobile connectivity is vast. The Reputation & Referral Module creates a customer community that enjoys a variety of Push / Pull digital marketing platforms. The next step, for many, to customer (community) engagement is video conferencing and the Meetings Communicator module is a pert of this all-in-one bundle. The pictures below highlight three popular modules within the all-in-one bundle. Building your Digital Marketing Platform will be an exciting journey as you explore the opportunities.

The Webo Academy is Committed to Supporting You Build Your Digital Marketing Platform

It Involves Change; back to what worked for centuries!
Sign up for the free trial and you will immediately be given access to our online Webo SaaS Meeting Room. 
It is hosted by the Webo Academy which is dedicated to supporting your marketing campaign creativity when using the Webo SaaS Toolbox ( see below). You will also be invited to join our Referral Marketing Programme that rewards you from $30 to $60 for each successful referral. Sign up and you will find the detail in the Webo SaaS Meeting Room that boasts a chat box, private messaging, skype hookups, comment sharing, PC and Free phone call Video Conferencing and a Facebook Chat Group.  

What’s The Secret

Having an App is like having a sports car with no petrol. Your App needs to be promoted and to enable you to do this we have included modules that support our four channel marketing system (4CM). The 4CM integrated with a Referral Marketing App is unique as it offers "type & click" site builders. The four channels to your markets are; websites (including full e-commerce stores), apps (referral and information apps), blogs and across the board viral social media integration. 
If you are starting from scratch you can create and we will host all your online digital marketing platforms. Not only will we host these but we will set them up on the servers in the USA and we will include firewall protection, SSL encryption and 24/7 malware monitoring; it's all included in our rates. It is like having a shop in a shopping mall. You get a mall address and you can also have your own URL. 
By creating these four channels to promote the LPM Communicator App you will set up the opportunity to build customer relationships that will drive your referral marketing campaigns. If you already have any of these channels we just link to them.
The Webo SaaS will enable you to host your own online meeting rooms with free conference call video conferencing and more

The Webo SaaS is the Solution

  • Our marketing toolkit is purpose built to attract, retain and grow customer audiences
  • We automate review capture and social sharing to build audience awareness
  • Our agile Roadmaps & Quiz Builders, Communicators and Marketing Channels will grow the audiences you need to grow your business.

Implementation Support

  • Get all the support you need in an online meeting room; ebooks, flipbooks, videos, roadmaps, webinar replays and guidelines.
  • Virtual Q & A coaching meetings to answer questions and give tips on setting up, building and driving your campaigns to success with an open meeting chatbox and private in meeting messaging.
  • Access to a Facebook chat group that we monitor, Skype and Free Conference Call hook-ups

Your Roadmap to Where You Want To Be


when you signup for the 14 day free trial.
Your Promo Code is:    DTHT
  • Setup
    • Explore your value and status
    • Create valued offers
  • Build
    • Discover your ideal target customer segments
    • Build your channels and capacity to grow
  • Drive
    • Operations, Marketing and Audience Building

The Eight Steps to Reputation & Referral Marketing


When your  Reputation & Referral Marketing Communicator App is built 
it will then be Time To Spread The Word to your Customers. 
The next steps are (depicted above - see 1 to 8 above & read more below).
Promote your Communicator App by advocating the Coupon Benefit Rewards on your App to your customers through established marketing channels. If you have a customer list, eMail the App URL and a QR code to them. Advocate your App and the Coupon Benefits to walk-in customers. 
Customers, Friends, Browsers (Users)  scan the QR code they receive or they link to the APP with the URL link emailed to them. Once the webpage is opened it can be bookmarked or if opened on a phone it can be saved by adding a Button Bookmark to the Home Screen on their phones.
Users tap the button on their phones whenever they desire to open your Communicator App to the latest version. No upgrades are required as it always opens to the latest version.
Users Sign Up or Sign In and review the latest product or service, ebook, info App, image Gallery updates, videos added, event tickets, lucky draws, listings, etc. Alternatively, they add Reviews to achive Advisor Status, Share to achieve Advocate Status or they can open their Loyalty Accounts and redeem or email a coupon reward to a friend to ahieve Ambassador status.
Generally Coupon Rewards are issued without charge but at times an admin fee may be charged by an NGO or other entity. You could also sell products online and if so, step 5 would be to ckeckout and pay.
Redemptions options may be set up to allow Print and Present and / or On Phone Redemption.  If Print and Present was activated then users can print to redeem the coupon rewards which they later present to your staffer.
Users log in to their online loyalty accounts, select a reward in their account and hand their phones to your Admin Officer.
Admin Officers can enter a PIN number to redeem the coupon. They can also add loyalty points, upgrade status or activate Ambassador status re two-way rewards where both receive the reward when a friend redeems the referral reward.

Our Game Plan is to Delight & Get Your Referrals

Take The Free Trial; You Drive & We’ll Nav.
  • Let Us Show You How
    • It’s Supported
  • Then write your own review and share it with your friends
    • It’s Easy
  • We’ll reward you handsomely for the lead
    • It’s Rewarded
  • You will be able to build Reputation & Referral Marketing campaigns 
    • aka "Hamburger Marketing" campaigns!
  • It is about lead generation
    • 3 short webinars will get you creating...
  • Your own campaigns with the Webo SaaS

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the software be used on a PC or Mac?
    • It is hosted on our servers so you can interface on phones, tablets, PC’s or Mac’s.
  • Do I get access to new developments or versions of the software?
    • When you login you automatically access the latest version of what you have
  • Must I download the software to my computer?
    • No. The software is on our servers in the USA and access is web based
  • Is my site secure
    • Every page of your site enjoys Wildcard SSL encryption and it is firewalled and constantly monitored for malware and blacklisting.
  • Can I use the toolkit for multiple branches or subsidiary companies?
    • Yes
  • What is the refund policy?
    • The 14 day free trial period is required so that you have a no risk option to evaluate how easy it is for you to build and manage your own platform
    • There are no contacts so usage is on a pay-as-you-go basis without a refund option on past usage
  • Do you drip content or is it all available at once?
    • You will find a huge amount of information is available in various formats.
    • We recommend that you customise a roadmap and follow it as the 9 stages build on each other.
    • We add content, where needed, in response to trending needs to address niche markets.

P.S. - The 10 Step Checklist



The Webo SaaS hardware is in the USA from where third party specialists maintain a 24/7 watch on firewalls, malware and hacking. 
Every Webo SaaS site enjoys this protection at no additional charge. The software is ours, built from scratch over the past 15 years. 
The programming office is in India; graphics and data capture is driven from the Philippines and Ireland.
The Webo Academy is based in South Africa and is manned by a teamwith international experience in business,
the hospitality industry (Restaurants & Hotels), Manufacturing (large scale factories) and the professions (Audit & Legal).
Put us to the test; signup for the free trial
and let us show you how to start building your own digital marketing platform on the Internet.

It’s easy, you can do it.


With average Microsoft Word, Powerpoint & Social Media Skills
you can build a digital marketing platform, with our software, to grow your business.
Commit to the FREE TRIAL now, and within the free trial period you will have experienced, first hand, what it can do for you.
If you are ready to get started.
Our Free Trial gets you going for 14 days without costing you a cent.
It works but you need to drive the build,
Sign-up with PROMO CODE  DTHT  and send your referral to a friend. For each successful referral you will get, after the free trial - 50% off!
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