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    LUCKY DRAW: Sunday Seafood Buffet- Table for Twenty - This is a completely free giveaway..
    Monthly Seafood and Jazz Sunday Entrance & Lucky Draw Ticket
    Hy5in5 Caption Competition.Min 50% OFF LUCKY DRAW & 5 Free Main Courses
    Starters: Tuna Carpaccio ADVISOR Platter Coupon.
    Mains: Large Lemon and Herb Sole Coupon
    Mains: A Dozen Peeled Queen Prawns Coupon
    Sally's Ambassador Secret Menu
    Mains: The Ultimate Midweek Treat: A Dozen Scampi Coupon
    Team Platter Coupon 1: 60 Queen Prawns to Share.
    Team Platter Coupon 2: 60 Oysters to Share.
    Team Platter Coupon 3: Half & Half to Share.
    Buffet & Jazz Coupon / Sundays: Bookings open on the 10th.
    26/30 Fresh Tiger Prawns per Kg
    Chilli Soy Salmon (With wok-fried noodles)
    Prawn Tacos. With lime-avocado salsa.
    Sri Lankan Seafood Curry with Chilli
    Dukkah-crusted Salmon with Salad
    Coconut-crusted fish with Thai green curry vegetables
    Cold Seafood Platter For 2 -Treat Yourself
    Prawn, Mango and Chorizo Salad
    Galic Salt and Pepper Prawns
    Oven Roasted Garlic & Lime Prawn Platter
    Prawn Pollichathu
    Prawn Sesame Toast
    Calamari Fritters
    Goan Crab Curry
    Mussels with Lemongrass
    West Coast Crayfish Malay Curry
    Mamma's Seafood Spaghetti
    Curried Scallops
    Sandpit Baked Fish
    Seafood Rasam
    Miso fish burger with pickled cucumber and slaw
    Cucumber and Lettuce Fish Burger
    Crunchy Fish Burger with Pickled Beetroot and Crispy Chips
    Twin Calamari Butties
    Fish and Prawn Pasties
    Trio of Fish Pies with Mashed Potato
    Prawn Cocktail Baguette
    Salmon Quiche Trio
    Salmon Pie
    500g Butter Prawns
    750g Chilli Prawn Skewers
    Crab Pot
    Seared Salmon
    Pawn and Pasta Salad
    Seafood Paella
    West Coast Crayfish Thermadore
    Chermoula Butter Prawns
    Cold Crayfish, Cream Cheese and Passionfruit Drizzle
    Seafood Pizza
    Pan Fried Scampi and Rice
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