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Johannesburg Flying Academy
Date :23rd, March 2013

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Name of Person to Contact
Julian Barraclaugh,Roy Gregson and Marc Gregson

Contact e-Mail

Tel. Number
072 209 8522/082 903 8012/082 392 3149

Physical Street Address & Postal Code
Corner Kromvlei Road and Kliprivier Drive, Brakenhurst, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Johannesburg Flying Academy



About Us

The Johannesburg Flying Academy (JFA) is a professional CAA registered and approved flying school, based at Panorama Airfield, South of Johannesburg,South Africa.

JFA is owned and operated by a father and Son team, Roy and Marc Gregson, known as the “Gregson Brothers” Protea flying team. Julian Barraclough is our  resident, fulltime PPL instructor. JFA operates an Aviate Products Raptor 582 Trike (Weight Shift Microlight), and a TAF Sling Aircraft. The Raptor Trike is a locally built, durable, two place, flex wing microlight, similar to the aircraft flown in the World Microlight Championships by the “Gregson Brothers”. If you want to fly, the best way to experience flight safely, is to go for an introductory or demo flight, with one of JFA’s experienced flying instructors, in either a Weight shift Microlight or Light Sport Aircraft, depending on your needs or personal preference.


Pilot Training     
- WCM (Weight shift controlled microlight)
- CCM (Conventional controlled microlight)
- LSA (Light sport Aircraft)
- PPL[A] (Private Pilots License – Aeroplane)
-CPL [A] (Commercial Pilots License – Aeroplane)

Demo / Introductory Flights   

Provides a non-pilot or prospective student the opportunity to experience the thrill of flight with an experienced instructor. Flights are 15 to 30 minute in duration and take place over the scenic Kliprivier Valley and Suikerbosrand area. Ideal for aspiring pilots or a gift for a loved one.Flights are offered in a trike , Sling , a genuine 1942 Amercian Army  L4 -Cub and an Extra 200 Aerobatic Aircraft.

Tours of the Sling factory can also be arranged.

Passenger Safety Course    

Allows for an unlicensed pilot to gain basic flying skills, which could be used in the event of an emergency, whilst flying with a rated pilot.


We offer aircraft specific conversions to type, as well as conversions to different categories, for example: PPL to WCM or WCM to CCM/LSA/PPL and vice versa.
We conduct license renewal flight tests as well as renewal training in the event of an expired pilots license.
Owner Training    
We will provide training on your own aircraft if required.
Advanced Training    
Slightly more advanced skills training, not taught in an initial license, for example: Bush flying, operation from short and contaminated/uneven runways, unusual attitude recovery techniques, competition flying, WCM formation flying,Aerobatic training.
Test Flying    
Qualified test pilots who can conduct initial or performance test flights on aircraft.

Aircraft Sales    
We sell new and used microlights and light sport aircraft. We can also offer advice to potential aircraft buyers.
Hire and Fly    
Hire and fly on a Raptor Trike or Sling Aircraft, depending on availability.



Corner Kromvlei Road and Kliprivier Drive, Brakenhurst, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

We fly from Panorama Airfield ,South of Johannesburg and South West of Rand Airport at the old Kromvlei landing strip.

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GPS Cordinates :--26.326033, 28.067664
Address :-Corner+Kromvlei+Road+and+Kliprivier+Drive,+Brakenhurst,+Johannesburg,+Gauteng,+South+Africa

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