About the Book
The Performance enhancement Programme (PeP) lays the foundation for establishing a People Centred Organisation capable of delivering a turnaround in the most unlikely circumstances through People Centred Performance Enhancement.
Born in the challenge of a University turnaround the PeP was nurtured in the private sector and given its biggest test in a huge national public sector turnaround. The PeP offers a road-map to turnarounds in both the public and private sectors.
Many books explore turnarounds. Few have explored the common ground between the public and private sectors. Even less have offered a 360 degree guideline to implementing a People Centred Performance Enhancement Programme that’s found favour in small services to large international manufacturing and national public sector entities. In today’s modern world, must one declare allegiance on “people first?” What’s a manager to do?
Well, for one thing, forget the hype around complex solutions. Realize that the solution lies in building a 360 degree People Centred Organisation and know that you must cover all the bases. If you are going to do a partial test then, you SHOULDN’T. All the foundations of People, Operations, Funding and Culture are individually necessary but not sufficient for success through Vision and Strategy.
Understand why being able to assess personality is as important as a balanced scorecard. Take up the offer of downloadable forms, templates, spreadsheets and tables. Read about researching to find a Vision that is compelling and which packs a punch! Read about why voluminous strategy documents are best used for ambiance as wallpaper! Read about crowd shaped data collection and when it crosses the line to giving customers the jitters about being watched! Read about a unique budget framework that has an equal focus upon what you do at the margin and that which you do not do. Realise that the time is right for reaping the rewards from establishing a People Centered Workplace Ubuntu!
The PeP Aligns and Integrates the Essential Elements for Success. Individually Each Element is Necessary but not Sufficient for Success. The book unpacks the detail of the framework under headings that include the following:
Vision: Crisp, Clear & Real  | Aligned | Detailed
PeP Champion: War Room | Project Management | Operations Monitoring Unit
Communication: Fuel Gauge | Speedo | Rev Counter
Strategy: Wall Paper | Scorecards | Execution
Structure: Centralised |Decentralised | Mixed
Leadership: Authoritarian | Participative | Self Directed
Responsible: Task Mapping & SLA’s | What: Delegations & Instructions | Meaning
Empowered: Skills Audit | How, Video Production Unit | Training is Everyone’s Business
Accountable: Timeliness | Accountability | Rewards
Systems: Supportive | Operational | Utilised
Processes: Mapped | Displayed | “As Is/To Be”
Policies: Trust | Innovation | Standardisation
Budget Formulation: Base 80 | Strategy Focused | Top Down/Bottom Up
Budget Execution: Supply Chain Mgt. | Commitment Accounting | Delegated Spend Authority
Budget Reporting: Volumes & Values of Service | Monthly, Daily etc Accounts | Multi Yr Focus
Attitude: Team ID/Uniforms | What’s Right not Who | It’s My Job
Personality: Profiling | No Stripes  Leadership | The Value of Diversity
Corruption: Prevention | Detection | Reaction
Dedicated to some 2,000 people that have implemented a PeP. The book presents detail on the framework used in both the public and private sectors. The PeP was first published as a Case Study in the international journal: The Public Fund Digest of the ICGFM.  The case study reported the success of a “Base 80 budget framework” that revolutionizes choice in public sector budget decision- making. The Base 80 framework is discussed in detail with links to download administrative documentation.

About the Author

Alan Mackenzie lives in South Africa where he studied accountancy and information technology to a postgraduate level.  He qualified as a Chartered Accountant before entering the academia at the University of Cape Town.
When the opportunity arose for him to lead a small team to turnaround another university department Alan rose to the challenge and together with a small group of peers they took the Department to being rated as the top performing department in the country in eighteen months. This was the start of his interest in performance enhancement and it saw him establish an enviable track record in this respect.  
He feels privileged to have been requested by business leaders to effect a turnaround in the financial management ability of the Department of Justice & Constitutional Development as he says it was a unique challenge to tackle a  huge national entity with over 700 cash halls  and produce an unqualified audit report for the first time ever!  His tried and tested framework continues to produce ground breaking results in unlikely circumstances and the book has started to receive 5 star reviews and highly recommended ratings.
He has served on professional standard setting committees both locally and internationally, is an amateur artist and recreational aviation enthusiast.
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