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Social Sharing Grows Awarenes and Prospective Customer Audiences

 Note: Sharing relevant rewards attracts new customers who can be converted to be loyal customers. Segmenting and sharing relevant rewards is at the heart of Referral Marketing.
 Product Number: We have a variety of Social Share options. They offer one-click sharing with up to a couple of hundred social media sites.

 Country/Territory: South Africa

Sharing relevant rewards attracts new customers who can be converted to be loyal customers. Segmenting and sharing relevant rewards is at the heart of Referral Marketing.

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It is all about getting a conversation growing.
We all seek community endorsement, inclusion and more. The human race seeks to share and be social within communities and our emotional drivers make sharing a natural desire provided there are incentives to do so. These incentives include value, time and ease.
Benefits will be shared provided they have value. Knowledge, access, availability, price, etc. are benefits to many and these will be shared provided it is quick and easy to do so.
Simply put, our Social SHARE buttons on the Store, App and products are one-click links to share with your friends, business colleagues, etc. that are friends or connections on your social media pages. We offer integrated sharing with over 200 social media sites.
Sharing opens the door to a more personal social media experience but being personal it does not mean that that it is one-on-one. The power of social sharing lies in the fact that it is one-to-many but, it is a personal recommendation from a known friend or connection to a community of known, like-minded people. The multiplier is staggering and the reach of messages can extend to tens of thousands (if not many more) provided only on the value of the content and the presentation thereof that needs to allow for the value to be appreciated at a glance.
On average 28% of Good Messages are shared with 155 Facebook friends. Social sharing can reach 354,779 people in five steps. On average, an interesting social media post gets shared 43 times. Next, it should be shared with 1,883 people who will share it with 81,746 people, who share it with 354,779 people.  The trick is to not be average, try it and see what happens to the stats, you will find it staggering!
Take a test
Q: Does the item have value? If so, it will it be appreciated by the audience that you send the link to? In short, do you really expect to get a “Thank You.”  If you do get “Thank You’s” then you can be assured that you share a sense of value with your audience.
Q: Will it amuse or entertain? If it does, is it extra ordinary? How big is the WOW factor?
Q: Will the content give you the urge to share? Will it be seen as spam or will it ignite an urge to pass it on?  
Q: Is the content social? If so, sharing over the weekend will find engagement levels at about a third higher. Generally, Thursday trumps Mon to Wed but this will depend on the content.
Experiment and note the responses that you get from your audiences.
Why share?
In a fascinating study conducted by The New York Times Customer Insight Group, it was discovered that there are five key reasons people decide to share something with others.
  1. To bring valuable and entertaining content to others.  49% say sharing allows them to inform others of products they care about and potentially change opinions or encourage action
  2. To define ourselves to others. 68% share to give people a better sense of who they are and what they care about
  3. To grow and nourish our relationships. 78% share information online because it lets them stay connected to people they may not otherwise stay in touch with
  4. Self-fulfillment. 69% share information because it allows them to feel more involved in the world
  5. To get the word out about causes or brands. 84% share because it is a way to support causes or issues they care about
Where's the value?
Neil Patel, arguably one of the world’s most consistent viral bloggers suggests: The 6 Types Of Social Media Content That Will Give You The Greatest Value
1.  Share infographics: The human brain tells us “reading is hard” and “looking is easy.”  It is what we have maintained is the missing byline to Bill Gates’s “Content is King” insight; If so, then presentation is queen! It must be visually appealing or it will not be read.
2.  Interactive content – se our Polls and Surveys option.
3.  Content That Evokes Strong Positive Emotions. Emotional content and likelihood of it being shared has been suggested as:   Awe (25%), Laughter (17%), Amusement (15%), Joy (14%), Anger (6%), Empathy (6%), Surprise (2%) and Sadness (1%). Ask yourself will it bring joy and will it entertain?
4.  Content with Images. Adding tweets on twitter or posts on Facebook, etc. are, hands down, more shareable when they have images. What gets shared?
5.  List posts. People love to share lists!  Think Lists, how-to, what and why.
6.  Newsworthy content. In short, fresh news travels, fast!


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