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 Product Number: Every LPM App site includes the support of a blog.

 Country/Territory: South Africa

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Every LPM App site includes the support of a blog.
Blogging is about growing conversations, and this will happen if you build relationships with the readers that you connect with.  Content is the key as is the consistency of relevant discussion topics. You need not know everything if your audience participates. In the end, success will ensure that the blog is dynamic and that the community of users that it serves are diverse and satisfied. Much depends on upon audience building, and this can be assisted by blog technology enablers, such as are found on this blog. Enablers such as viral blogging by way of tweet archiving, Facebook and LinkedIn integration plus Google search metrics will go a long way to getting your conversation growing.
As a Blogger, you are “selling” entertainment or information. It is fine to host adverts and to promote a product or service but do not get pushy! You want to attract ‘eyeballs” and not drive them away. Also, you seek to attract an audience that will engage in a conversation on the topics that you introduce for discussion on your blog. In this way you will attract subscribers or followers whose “eyeballs” you can bridge to content for a reward if you so wish.
Social sharing and bookmarking is a great way to get the word out there about your blog and to attract eyeballs to your honey pot! Be sure not to spam social networks as this will make you nothing but infamous!
Blogging technology has evolved. Content marketing with the aid of viral blogging enablers is a must. Viral blogging relates to having a structured interface with social media.
  • With one click, readers that are logged into their Facebook pages must be able to submit social content articles into their Facebook pages where the article can be shared with their friends. Their friends can share with theirs, and so great content can go viral.
  • In a similar way, with one click, readers logged in to their LinkedIn pages, must be able to submit business-related content with their business connections on LinkedIn. Making the submission, just a click away allows readers to be active by borrowing content. Again, great content can go viral by connections commenting to their connections, etc.
  • Tweets have a shelf like - cutting edge blogs offer tweet archives where readers can catch up on Tweets that they may have missed. It is just another reason to frequent the blog. Also, the option to write and follow the blog via Twitter tweets needs to be right there on every blog page.
  • Every blog post category and every blog topic needs to be integrated with Google:
With the capacity to set the Meta Title, Keywords, and Description. Why leave, "how to be found" to chance?
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