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WEEKENDERS BLOG. Join the conversation to grow our understanding of what's good & what's not.

Sally Goodman
Weekenders Team Leader
Telephone:  071 50 71400
Address: PO Box 746, Cramerview 2060
e-Mail: sally@webo.directory.com
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Gauteng Weekenders
There are times when you just need to unwind after a long week in the office.
Going somewhere on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and returning on Sunday afternoon may be what you need to charge your batteries for that week ahead.
Travel is fine, but the consensus of opinion is that one-way journey should not exceed three hours. By road or by air the three-hour guideline applies.
Sometimes, you need the wide open spaces. At other times, it may be a mountain bike trail that is the answer to boardroom blues. But leaving town in any direction is not the answer. You need the opinions of others to help you decide where to spend your hard-earned cash.
Our weekenders site enables you to suggest destinations and to post reviews. We want to help you choose the best destinations for maximizing your weekend. The best destination is a matter of opinion but finding the opinions of others is helpful.
Our listings advise on where the nearest town is, by way of a map. Affordability of the activities and the accommodation is assessed, and we ask you to post an opinion on your favourite spots to help us determine a "best value" ranking.
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