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Social Media Sharing

All of the fiollowing are options open to the page owner. They may individually be activated or deactivated.

  • Facebook
    • To share the post on your Facebook page please log into your Facebook page
    • Next select the f Share option and the link will be added to your facebook page.
  • LinkedIn
    • The Linkedin share option works in the same way as facebook sharing does.
    • . Log in to your Linkedin Page then select the "In Share" option and you will add a link to Linkedin that can be shared with a contact selected by you.
  • Twitter
    • To tweet a message you will be asked, as a first step, to login to your Twitter account.
    • Twitter archive
      • Selecting this option will display the tweet history on the nominated Twitter account.
  • Images
    • The site owner has the option to offer image sharing.
    • If activated the images on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram for nominated accounts/pages will be shared.
    • Note that only Facebook pages offer the integration to harvest images. Facebook groups do not offer this integration option.


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