Summer Holidays Feedback Survey

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Dear Parent,
I would be very grateful if you could complete this survey. I really appreciate receiving your comments - they will help us to work together to plan your child's studies over the upcoming holidays.

Daily study is vital to your child's progression with their Kumon studies. Even through the holiday periods, it is important for your child to continue with their Kumon studies to keep up the momentum of progress.
The Summer holidays are approaching and I would like to start preparing work for your child. To enable me to plan carefully, I would like to know what your plans are. This will enable me to provide you with the optimal worksheets for your child.
Question 1: Please select the relevant option below to indicate whether or not you will be away from centre during the holidays. 
Question 2: Difficulty of work required.
Question 3: Number of worksheets required.
Warm Regards
Lesley Mackenzie


Q 1: Away status : We will not be away   We will be away  
Q 2: Work difficulty : Progress as normal   Revise previous work   Combination of revision and new work  
Q 3: No of workskeets : Same as now   More   Fewer  
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