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Promotions: Terms & Conditions
Gilbert Ford Brand Ambassador Terms & Conditions
Brand Ambassador Rewards: Defined Jewellery Boxes may be granted to a customer, subject to availability and insurance eligibility, for periods specified by Gilbert Ford Jewellers.
Disqualified Participants: Members of the public that are not Gilbert Ford Jewellers customers or people not introduced by qualified customers.
Immediate Families:  Immediate Families include: Grandparents, Parents, Children, Grandchildren, siblings and spouces whether by marriage, past marriage, remarriage, adoption, co-habitation or other family extension.
Limit per customer:  One Brand Ambassador award may be awarded to one customer, to a member of their immediate family or to a friend of the customer designated by the customer on a reservation request coupon.
Customer Status:   Customers are persons who can produce a receipt for a purchase from Gilbert Ford Jewellers.
Validity Days:  This promotion is valid until withdrawn.
Verification:  Coupon Validity is subject to verification.
Delivery/Collection:   Pick-up or delivery arrangements will be specified here.
Images: Coupon images are indicative and may not be specifically representative.
Service: The Coupon administrator is not responsible for service and item delivery.
Amendment: The right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice is reserved.
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