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THE WEBO CHAT FORUM: Images from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Welcome to the Webo series titled, Get Your Business Growing.
The WEBO Forum is a general discussion area on matters that may be of interest to businesses. The Meetings Communicator showcases content and it manages meeting walls within online meeting rooms. The Webo Forum is open to discuss matters that may be raised on Meeting Agendas. The Meetings Communicator is a division of Webo.
I recommend that you read this blog post.  CLICK HERE
While the post is written about Instagram you can also load images to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.
Our Viral Blog will harvest the images that you post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and they will be available by opening the radio button selector on the blog post. This is also available on meeting pages and on linked webpages.
Note that the Facebook page cannot be a group page it must be a Facebook page.
The world loves pictures and there are times when they get the message across in a very crisp manner. When taking pictures for your webpages think "conversations" and not "photography." It is the message that the picture delivers that is important.
As stated you can
1. Showcase products 
2. Show how they are made
3. Go behind the scenes
4. Show what your products can do
5. Give a sneek peek
6. Show your office
7. Take us with you
8. Introduce your employees
9. Share awesome sightings
10.Share the cuteness
Some thoughts on Meetings
Try to understand why the meeting is being held. If there is an action plan on the table and there are no issues that need to be addressed then why hold a "Monday" meeting?
 If images of the status quo in a factory, retail store, in the marketplace etc will help a meeting to understand a matter on the agenda then loading them from a phone to a private twitter or instagram account may be the easiest and fastest way to get the position brought to the attention of the meeting. In the meeting a call to a person to take some pictures could, within minutes, have the meeting looking at the matter under discussion.
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