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Content Presentation: Slide Shows on Linked, Site or Pop-up Webpages

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Image Slideshows
The above Slideshow has next/previous arrows on the left and right hand sides.
If click on an image it will take you to a specified URL.
See a large Slideshow on the Home page of this site.
Adding a Slideshow to any page with a Page Editor such as to a Linked Webpage with a Ckeditor is easy and fast to do. First, you need to review the available slide sizes, then you size your images. Image sizing is important as the images must be the selected image size. If they are not image duplication or image distortion occurs. Note that the Admin Panel has an image resizing and cropping tool.
Next, you upload images to the page loader and the system does the rest. The image slideshow option displays images that meet one of the width and height options. The generated code can be copied to pages with a CKeditor. The images can be manually advanced. You can set the fade speed and image interval. Each image can also be hyperlinked to a URL destination . To see this Slideshow on a home page at 900 x 300 pixels in size
If you set the height to 900 pixels and the width to 900 pixels you could display large pages of a “square” brochure on a Linked Webpage that is set to auto advance. 900 is the max page height as slides need to display on one page. Seeing part of a slide by scrolling down is not recommended.
Slideshows can be displayed on any of the Website main pages and in the Store main pages. They can be displayed on any page with a page editor by copying and pasting the slideshow code into the Source View of a page editor. In addition, there is a preview option on the list of slideshows on the Manage Slideshows option, If you select Preview a pop-up slideshow will display. Copy the URL of this pop-up slideshow for use as a pop-up hyperlinked on webpages, e-mails etc.
There is a slideshow generator in the Store Builder and in the Website Builder - see the section  PAGES: Specialist Pages & Albums
Commence by selecting the Slideshow Generator and Link (See right). This will open the page above.
Open the page and read the HOW TO TIPS.
Select the option on the page above "Add VIP Listing Slideshow" to add slideshows and the page at the top "ADD SLIDESHOW" will display.  Select Preview on the above page to see a pop-up slideshow. Set the options in the ADD SLIDESHOW page to build a slideshow. Tap "Add Image" to add more slides. The options A to 9 allow you to build 36 independent slideshows.
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