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Content Presentation: Adding Quick Quote Pricing Pages to Linked Webpages, etc.

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Quick Quotes: Pricing Calculators
Quick Quotes: Pricing Calculators

The option of having a Quick Quote Pricing Calculator is useful in circumstances where products and services have many options that significantly impact the final price. Obtaining a quote is the norm however offering Quick Quote options to users will allow them the opportunity to establish a product combination within their budget tbefore they discuss an order with the supplier. We were introduced to the need for a “Quick Quote” pricing calculator in three industries. Firstly, in the venue hire business. Venues are hired out for conferences, meetings, weddings and functions. Extras include catering, decor, entertainers and much more. Typically popular venues are faced with having to build many quotes. The pricing calculator is a rudimentry calculator that allows for many extras to be listed so that the user can add a number (if any) of any row item that is required. The total is calculated and forms the basis for further discussion. High end cycles have a wide variety of options as do recreational aircraft. In the latter two examples the final cost can double if not tripple from an entry level specification. The alternative would be to offer a spreadsheet as a download. The advantage of the pricing calculator is that it can be added to a webpage or it can be added in the website main menu as an option thus offering immediate access to the listed options. The spreadsheet option is but one step away in that it must be downloaded and then it must be opened.
The above pricing calculator is an online quote generator. There is an alternative option to build a pricing calculator within a form. There will be times when an entity needs to maintain a number of enquiry forms that may include a quote generation segment and in these circumstances the alternative option may be the better choice. Having the option to isolate the provision of an online quote generator is the reason for the duplication of this functionality. There is a further option which is to build a pricing calculator, that is optionally linked to the main menu bar on the store, as well. In addition, the above pricing calculator offers generated code, for the pricing calculator that you build above,  that you can copy and paste into the "Source " view of any webpage editor. Should a user wish to e-mail a quote to someone then that will be easily accommodated by using the pricing calculator component within a form and not the one that you may build above..
To begin select: Add price calculator heading
  • This will open a full webpage editor where you can add a description that may include text, images and video.
  • Your site builder enables you to build this description webpage in much the same way as you create an e-mail with a picture attached. You just type in the box and upload images. The image uploader is the icon on the left of the red f. When created you click submit and you will have published a website page. Time permitting you can design awesome pages with our the editor's capability.
  • We use the CKEditor and CKFinder WYSIWIG ( What You See Is What You Get) Editors for capturing and managing page content. Simply put it is arguably the best in the world. See the CK User Guide  at http://docs.cksource.com/CKEditor_3.x/Users_Guide for more information.
Next, build the quote generator by adding subheading rows and priced option rows. You add a heading row by not entering a price and you add a priced option row by adding a price and a row description.
  • The user will be able to enter the qualtity required at the listed price (entered by you) and at the bottom of the list of options the pricing calculator will show the total price. Users could say, select from a variety of options, the extras required and generate a quote. 
  • Should a new option be required to be added to the pricing calculator built above you can insert the row by sequencing all the options. You need to save the new row sequence order for it to be effective.
In the heading add a note such as the following:
Please enter your required quantities for all rows before activating the rows by ticking the check boxes.

Commence by logging In and selecting one of the following: 
Quick Quotes: Add Pricing Calculator
At the top of the page you will find an option Price Calculator. Selecting the Yes option will place an Option that will be called: Pricing Calculator in the Main Menu Bar of  your website.  The option of  Generating the Code so as to copy and paste it into any page that has a page editor is available. To do this generate the code by selecting this option the copy and paste the code into the Source View of any page with a Page Editor.
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