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Content Presentation: Flash Image Gallery Albums

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Flash Image Galleries
The flash image albums offer the ability to compare images. Selecting an image in a gallery will enlarge the image which can be moved to a position on the screen. Further images can be enlarged and can be placed next to others. Reselecting an image will return it to its original position and size.
Commence by logging In and selecting the following: 
First, set up the Webpages for the Albums. Next, add images and webpages.
When you have opened the pages read the HOW TO TIPS. An example of a How TO Tips Page is offered below.
Flash Gallery Albums
  • You may add jpeg, png or gif files for conversion to flash images that will be displayed on gallery albums that when opened, will offer thumbnail images that may be selected for enlargement and comparative review.
  • Organisation: Flash Albums are offered on Flash Gallery Webpages.
    • Thus you need to commence by creating the required number of Flash Gallery Webpages.
    • These webpages are individual webpages that list Flash Gallery Albums one below the next in rows.
    • Each row will have a thumbnail image on the left and a description of the album on the right.
    • When a user selects an album by clicking on the thumbnail image then a page displays with all of the album images that you have loaded as thumbnail images.
    • Each image may be enlarged by clicking on it and then you can drag and drop it to a position on your screen so as to compare it to more images so selected and enlarged.
  • Image Gallery Webpages:
    • These Webpages are not automatically placed within your site. Once you have created an image gallery webpage you will need to link the URL provided for this page to a submenu item, image link, text link etc.
    • The Webpage type selected will add the website or the store's main page menubar on the page. This is needed to offer browsers a means to navigate to other pages on your site.
    • The Header Marquee, Footer Marquee and Footer Banner image may be set to be active or inactive but cannot be edited on this page.
    • The page may be password locked by setting the password entered to be Active. Password locking the page is optional.
    • You may create a new header for this and each additional webpage that you create.
    • When you add images you will be required to select the image gallery webpages that they must be added to.
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