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Keys to Customer Survey Success
There is significant consensus that the key to survey success lies in surveying often with short and relevant questions. In these times, long mult-question surveys, will simply not be completed. This means that you have to segment your audience and drill down to find their exact needs, pains and desires. The best way to remain relevant, keep the customer's attention, and drill down to micro define, needs, desires and pains is to ask questions that explore a question that engages at a deeper level. Thus, the next question must be based on the answer to the last question. 
What do you think about when the word Agile is used to describe an activity?  Certainly use of the word is trending and it could have you thinking about scrum team surveys, agile transformation and more.  We use the word to capture the intellegence that that drives the curiosity to discover detail. Multi question surveys span a broard range of topics in a fishing expectation to discover relevance. Asking a follow up question that is lead by the answer to a previous question unleashes the intelligence that we refer to as Agile. 
"At the core. Intelligent question structuring lies at the heart of our AGILE SURVEYS."
One of the early pioneers of Agile Survey Technology was the ASK Method.  CLICK HERE to read about them and better still buy their book on Amazon. When you are a whiz at intelligent question structuring that enables actionable insights you will find that the Webo Agile Survey Platform will meet your needs for online quiz management. You can do it or we will do it for you.
A trending disruption is to lead the marketing of customer surveys with QR CODE LINKS. The QR Codes can be on promotional products, that we can supply, or they can be on your everyday product packaging that link to campaigns that we manage for you or which you manage with the aid of our Agile Survey Platform.
Keep the goal in mind. You want to gain customer insights on their next generation needs, desires and pains. Supplying these may just give you a "first to market"  advantage. A focus on the future is clever but not at the expense of not delighting current customers. 
Your objective must be to attract new customers, retain those that you have and grow your audience of future customers.
Coupon Marketing attracts, loyalty marketing retains and referral marketing grows businesses.
We have the tools to do all three.
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PS Select the image below to view our demo Five Minute Active Wear Feedback Survey. 
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