Webo Vouchers All In Package Pricing
Features:  Toolbox & Keys to Success - We help you to CONNECT, LOOK and CHAT
Good deals are shared, growing the customer base, resulting in buyers buying more and more often.
Sellers: Adventure/Experiences, Hotels, Shops, Restaurants, etc. Buyers: Diners, Shoppers, Gifters, Holiday/Leisure Seekers, etc. Products: Experiences, Products, Services, Meals, etc.
Validity (expiry date), Price (discounts/rebates), Availability (limited number), Time (last minute deals), Quality (factory shops), Seasons (end of season sales), Activity (slow day promotions), etc
Every buyer receives an online buyers account to administer their coupons, vouchers, subscriptions to email and sms notifications, e-commerce history, etc.
Payment Gateway
The system manages Credit Card, Paypal, Direct Deposit, COD, On Account, Promo Code, Gift Voucher, WhatsGood Coupon Credits and custom payment methods. The system is ready for MyGate Payment Gateway activation to accept most credit cards.
Policy Acceptance
The online acceptance of mandatory terms and conditions is administered.
Coupon exclusion days and date ranges can be set.
Products can be promoted to featured status.
Stock Mgt.
Stock control and out of stock notification is standard.
Online Trading
Full e-Commerce with online shopping basket, product variation (eg size, colour etc), payment receipt and dispatch tracking is, where needed, standard.
Bulk SMS intergation
SMS subscriber list management (opt-in & opt-out) and intergration with a bulk SMS engine is standard.
Bulk Email integration
Email subscriber list management (opt-in & opt-out) and integration with a bulk Email engine is standard.
Social Media Sharing re:
Products & Reviews
One click sharing with Facebook friends, LinkedIn business connections, Twitter & Pinterest followers, WhatsApp and Email messaging and many more options are standard. Hosting image albums of images auto harvested from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is standard.
Payment Admin
The appointment of online admin staff to manage an online sales dashboard to clear payment (EFT and other) receipts and to monitor sales is enabled.
The appointment of online coupon/voucher redemption administrators is enabled. QR code scan redemption from printed coupons/vouchers or direct online redemption without printed coupons/vouchers is standard.
Knowledge Transfer
Downloads / Presentations include: Table Menus, Live Menus, Brochures, eBooks, Flipbooks, Powerpoint Presentations, Blog Topics, etc
Pull: The Online APP is a tap to open resource featuring the latest deals and other information.
Pull: Blog participation. Product reviews, eBooks etc
Push: Opt-in SMS and Email subscription, Blog follow, unfollow options.
Loyalty: Extensive customer management, reward  and feedback system.
Reach Extender: WhatsGood Marketing List inclusion
Three Steps to Optimising for Social Media Marketing
Webo Vouchers Charges - Ask about our 50% off Special.
Description: Option Details
Option 2 Paid Webo VouchersPackage.
Coupon & Voucher administration is managed by Webo who charge the Seller a fixed monthly fee plus optional extras.
Standard Setup Fee
Seller Fees
From R970 pm inclusive of the services detailed below. Plus optional extras per quote.
Buyer Coupon Fees
At the discretion of the Seller.
Buyer Voucher Charges
At the Seller's discretion.
All buyer payments are made directly to the Sellers bank account.
8 Coupoms & 8 Vouchers. Other listings per quote.
Data Storage
Fair usage included
Fair usage included
Social Media eCommerce Website
About Webo WhatsGood Contact List Marketing.
All Webo Vouchers Customers qualify for free WhatsGood Contact List inclusion subject only to relevant list availability.
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