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A Pet's Life
A Pet's Life sells a wide range of local and imported products for your dogs, cats, birds, rodents and fish...........
pet products, pet store, dog food, cat food, birds, rodents, fish food
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Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom - Pet Shops South Africa - Catering for all your pet requirements...........
Animal Kingdom, Pet Shops, Pretoria, pet, pets, animal, animals, cats, dogs, birds, fish, marine, tropical, snakes, reptiles, pet food, food, feed, dog food, cat food, bird food, bird seed, animal fee
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Catbox Pet Hyper
Cat Box Pet Hyper sells the widest range of dog and cat foods guarenteed to satify youre pets nutritional needs! We also import Bento Kronen, a premium quality dog & cat food from Belgium which is only available from one of ou..........
PET FOODS, PET SHOPS, PET ACCESSORIES,Iams , Eukenuba ,Pro Pac, Bento Kronen ,Olympic ,Top Dog ,Pedigree ,Whiskas , Montego Classic, Complete, Superior, York, York Super, Warrior, Bobtail , Wuma, Tech
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Chinchillas belong to the largest order of mammals, namely rodents. Unlike rabbits who have 2 pairs of upper incisor teeth, chinchillas have only one pair. This makes their closest relatives porcupines, guinea pigs(cavies) and ago..........
Chinchillas , South Africa, Gauteng, mammals,
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Epic Pets
Whether you have, a goldfish or a pet snake, Epic Pets is your one stop destination to get everything you need for your pet to live a happy and healthy life be it food, housing, cage decorations, specialized lighting, heating, hyg..........
Epic Pets, pets, pet, petstore, pet store, food, housing, cage decorations, specialized lighting, heating, hygiene products, expert advice, a new family pet , south africa, alberton
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Loolilock is dedicated to enhance the quality of your pets life. We are a group of pet and hobby enthusiast and strive to deliver quality products and professional service. We have 3 stores to service our clients and their pet’s ..........
Loolilocks, south africa, koi, pet shop, pets, fish, exotic pet
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Peter Bee Pets
Everything you ever needed for your reptiles, fish, furry animals, birds, snakes, spiders under one amazing roof...........
Pets, Reptiles, Fish, Snakes, Birds, Furry Animals, Dogs, Cats, Tropical, Fresh Water, Krugersdorp, Johannesburg, South Africa, Gauteng, Lizards, Spiders
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Sporty Pets
The Sporty Pets Website is a dynamic and ever changing website so please make sure to visit us often to keep up to date with all the Sporty Pets happenings..........
Sporty Pets, south africa, pets, cats, dogs,pet accessories
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The V.I.P. Pet Store
The V.I.P Pet Store : - Numaxes Foolee Cat Posts I Marc Kaytee Pet Foods Aquatic Numaxes, Dymax, Cat Matix, Foolee, I Marc..........
Numaxes Foolee Cat Posts I Marc Kaytee Pet Foods Aquatic Numaxes, Dymax, Cat Matix, Foolee, I Marc
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Wild on Pets
At Wild on Pet's we have a wealth of experience and we love pets of all kinds. We are a locally owned business. Our reputation is built on trust, and we take our role seriously...........
Wild on Pets, South Africa, pets, snake, pet foods, pet accessories
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