The Microlight & Light Sport Aeroplane Association of South Africa
MISASA is an approved Aviation Recreation Organisation in terms of  SA-CAR Part 149 - ARO 007 

2018 Christmas Message from the Chairman of MISASA

The end of the year conventionally heralds a time to reflect on many aspects of the passing year. In many respects, I will remember 2018 as a “lucky packet” year, filled with many highs but overshadowed with several lows. There was however an abundance of very much of everything in between too. The reincorporation of RAASA into CAA is definitely going to present several new expected and unexpected challenges all the while other lows we have experienced,  we’ll be compelled to be inventive and find tangible solutions for a very bumpy journey ahead.

It is no surprise that the economic downturn, particularly in South Africa, subtly caused the country to slip into a technical recession for the first time since 2009. Contributing factors for this was largely caused by a combination of political developments, rising fuel prices and higher taxes, resulting in low customer and business confidence, and exchange rate volatility. This has emphasised the downward trend of membership renewals and folks remaining current. I sincerely hope we’ll emerge out of the ashes and that the recreational aviation industry can return to its former glory.

For many, as you take leave from your places of employment or businesses’ and close up shop for the holiday season, on behalf of the MISASA Committee, I wish you a well-deserved break. We thank you for your continued support and vote of confidence.

Enjoy quality time with family, friends and loved ones as Christmas comes but once a year, bringing with it a plethora of colours and flavours. May your Christmas & Festive Season also be one of happiness and abundance replete with the notes of laughter and good cheer!

If travelling or doing what you enjoy, whether it is in the air, water or on the road …. Be SAFE and SAFETY Minded.

John Boucher

MISASA is the National Flying Organisation that represents ALL pilots that fly Weight Shift Controlled Microlights (WCM), Conventionally Controlled Microlights (CCM) and Light Sport Aeroplanes (LSA)
Our vision is to preserve "the freedom of recreational flight" in South Africa.
  • Recognition of Aviation Excellence
  • Promotion of Aviation Safety
  • Maintenance of membership and external communication channels via print and electronic media
  • Hosting of events that inspire and develop recreational aviation
  • Pooling of experience and the provision of advice from industry experts


Why Join MISASA?
MISASA is a members organisation that exists to benefit its members. Over the years, MISASA has influenced the legislation that governs recreational flying in South Africa and always looking to guide its development to be the most beneficial for the members. MISASA provides a valuable information source for recreational pilots and inter alia organises or supports flying events to encourage skills development and a fun and social side to the sport.
Our Advocacy Role
  • We acknowledge and recognise aviation excellence through the granting of appropriate awards.
  • Through our active communication channels, we encourage safety and airmanship
  • Our members provide financial support to the Aero Club of SA who are charged with the responsibility to maintain interfaces with stakeholder structures such as the FAI via CIMA and SASCOC.
  • As an ARO, we advocate on your behalf with industry stakeholders and not limited to SACAA & AIID. This is achieved by participation and representation on official platforms such as CARCom, ASO sub-committee, Industry Liason Forum and relevant workgroups.
  • MISASA is managed by an elected Committee subject to the requirements as per the approved ARO MOP
  • We share African Skies with aircraft of all types and MISASA endeavours to maintain focus on matters relevant to microlights and light sport aeroplanes and their pilots. 



JOHN BOUCHER - CHAIRMAN - 17 December 2018

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