NOTICE from CHAIRMAN - 1st January 2023

ear MISASA Members & their families and friends ...

On behalf of the MISASA Committee, we wish you a Safe, Prosperous & Blessed 2023. 

2023 will see us continously engage in our advocacy role with CAA on not only ARO Matters,

but matters that involve and affect you as a member excersising the priviliges of recreational aviation.

The MISASA ARO has a scheduled audit by CAA on the 24th January 2023 and we shall report back

on the outcome of this. But for now, go out and enjoy your flying.... Best regards John Boucher


Dear MISASA & SAGPA Members ... SAGPA received their renewed ARO 008 Certificate today.

The effective date is from 3 June 022 to 30 June 2023. This means that the terms embodied in the

Memorandum of Agreement between MISASA & SAGPA have been concluded and the MOA is

formally and amicably cancelled and members resort under their own respective sections.

Thankfully MISASA was in the privileged position to assist SAGPA during their 5 Phase process

initiated by CAA GA to re-instate the ARO. Operations are back to normal for both AROs with

both Weidie Vorster & George Coetzee vacating their co-opted positions on the MISASA committee.

We wish them and the SAGPA Committee all the best going forward.  We now face our own challenges

with the GA department and will be addressing that in the weeks to come. Best regards - John Boucher MISASA

Dear MISASA & SAGPA Members ... During 2021, we considered the possibility of an amalgamation

between MISASA & SAGPA. This was decided against in the interest of getting the SAGPA ARO status

back to current. This effort is being hampered by regulatory bureaucracy and promises to be an

arduous journey filled with unnecessary and onerous challenges, especially for a volunteer-run committee.

Not surprisingly, this pushback was anticipated. The MISASA & SAGPA Exco considered several options and

ultimately the proposal to implement a Memorandum of Agreement between the two organisations

was accepted. This agreement came into effect on 1st March 2022. Simply stated, ALL paid up members of

SAGPA remain members of SAGPA but with the only difference, be able to legally operate under the valid

MISASA ARO and its MOP. Chairman Weidie Vorster & Vice Chairman George Coetzee have been

co-opted onto the MISASA Management Team to manage the Gyro Portfolio. The SAGPA Committee are still

 to perform their normal day to day duties in terms of their elected positions and constitution. More information

will be sent to PAID-UP members in due course. Best regards - John Boucher MISASA.‚Äč

NOTICE from CHAIRMAN - 24th February 2022

Thank you to the members that attended the Virtual AGM on Wednesday, 23rd February 2022 @ 18h30

via MS-TEAMS. Initially, some attendees struggled either with bandwidth or had connection issues , but we

could successfully conclude the meeting. The new committee for 2022 can be found on the Committee page by

selecting the relevant tab above. The Chairman's Report / Technical Report / Events Report can be found on

the Governance Page. John Boucher

Please navigate to our website governance page. We have updated several documents relevant to the

MISASA ARO. In particular, a revised constitution. Changes in the industry have necessitated a constitutional

revamp. We urge you to read through the proposed document and kindly pass comments to me at


MISASA is the National Flying Organisation that represents ALL pilots that fly Weight Shift Controlled Microlights (WCM),
Conventionally Controlled Microlights (CCM) and Light Sport Aeroplanes (LSA). Further to this, we have expanded our
representation to include production built NTCA aircraft up to an MTOW of 1663kg as per our latest approved MOP.
This allows MISASA to represent Gyrocopter pilots too.
Our vision is to preserve "the freedom of recreational flight" in South Africa.
  • Recognition of Aviation Excellence
  • Promotion of Aviation Safety
  • Maintenance of membership and external communication channels via print and electronic media
  • Hosting of events that inspire and develop recreational aviation
  • The pooling of experience and the provision of advice from industry experts

Why Join MISASA?

MISASA is a members organisation that exists to benefit its members. Over the years, MISASA has influenced the
legislation that governs recreational flying in South Africa and always looking to guide its development to be the most
beneficial for the members  MISASA provides a valuable information source for recreational pilots and inter alia
organises or supports flying events to encourage skills development and a fun and social side to the sport. Given the fact
that we have included NTCA representation up to an MTOW of 1663 kgs, we thus make provision for PRODUCTION BUILT
NTCA aircraft such as the Bushbaby Safari, Jabiru 4 series, Sling 2 & 4 and Vans Aircraft to name but a few. This provision
also enables pilots that operates a Gyrocopter for recreational purposes, to be legally compliant by being a MISASA Member.
Please note that our MOP excludes Aerobatic Aircraft, Gliders and Balloons. 
      Our Advocacy Role
  • We acknowledge and recognise aviation excellence through the granting of appropriate awards.
  • Through our active communication channels, we encourage safety and airmanship
  • Our members provide financial support to the Aero Club of SA who are charged with the responsibility to maintain interfaces with stakeholder structures such as the FAI via CIMA and SASCOC.
  • As an ARO, we advocate on your behalf with industry stakeholders and are not limited to SACAA & AIID. This is achieved by participation and representation on official platforms such as CARCom, ASO sub-committee, Industry Liason Forum and relevant workgroups.
  • MISASA is managed by an elected Committee subject to the requirements as per the approved ARO MOP
  • We share African Skies with aircraft of all types and MISASA endeavours to maintain focus on matters relevant to Microlights, LSA, VLA's & Gyrocopters and their pilots. 



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