The Microflight Africa Feather Award

The Feather Award is made for laudable success or achievement and is a sincere award presented in earnest to a recipient who is granted the right to wear a feather embroidered on the side of a MISASA cap. The Feather Award is a vote of thanks for a job well done.

Esteemed recipients of the Microflight Africa Feather Award:

2009 - Braam Hechter at the CAA for consistently going beyond the call of duty in attending to the needs of our members.
2009 - Mike French & Pierre Conradie for establishing & organising a new highly successful "The Ezulwini Fly-away"
2009 - Francois Burger for services to members and for establishing a much needed and spectacular airfield at Sodwana.
2010 - John Waterson for going many extra miles to assist our members with aircraft matters.
2011 - Paul Lintott for stepping up to the plate to assist a fellow pilot in need.
2011 - Koos de Wet for selfless devotion and leadership in the anti-rhino poaching initiative. 
2011 - Les McMaster for leading the creation of one of the most successful annual fly-ins: Swartkops.
2011 - Andrew Pappas The Pied Piper of recreational aviation, leading the way in after sales service.
2011 - Wendy Hicks for running the MISASA Wild Coast Gaggle Galaxy "engine room."
2015 - Nico Willemse for being the Pied Piper of trike trainers, leading the way in the revival of weight shift aviation.
Aero Club Awards
Special Recognition
This award is made to those who have made a noteworthy contribution to further the Aero Club and aviation during the year it is awarded.
2019 - Brett Hickman
2019 - John Boucher
Silver Wings
This award is made to those who have completed an exceptional project to further the Aero Club and its sections.
2005 - Rob Gooch
2013 - Paul van Schalkwyk
2013 - Louis Cole
Gold Wings
This award is made to those who have completed at least 10 years' meritorious service to Aero Club and its sections.
2005 - Barry Culligan
2006 - Geoff Dyer
2007 - Robert Gassmann
2008 - Louis van Wyk
2010 - Neil de Lange
2013 - Alan Mackenzie 
2013 - Alex Rudd
2015 - Rob McFie
2018 - Nico Willemse
2018 - Rowena Kraidy
2019 - Craig Couzens
2019 - Alan Stewart
Championships / Protea / National Colours / Records
1987 - 1st SA Springbok Microlight Team
          Barry Culligan , Andy Viljoen , Mike Blyth , Andy Kasperson
          Brian Christiane , Ray Ninow
1992 - World Microlight Champion - Mike Blyth
1994 - World Microlight Champion - Mike Blyth
1996 - SA National Champion - Moorress du Toit
1998 - World Altitude Record - Mike Blyth ... 25 013 ft ASL
1998 - World Microlight Champion - Mike Blyth
1999 - SA National Champion - Bill Anderson
2007 - SA National Microlight Team -  World Championships in the Czech Republic
          Craig Couzens , Rob McFie , Robert Gassmann
          Hendrik Loots & Pieter du Plessis , Larry Eschner & Donovan Fraser
              Mike Blyth & Adrian van der Byl , Marc Gregson & Roy Gregson
          Larry McGillewie & Sharon McGillewie , Chris van Eeden & Flip Oosthuizen
          Rob Gooch (Team Manager)
2009 - SA National Championships
              1st Mervyn Reynolds            
          2nd Larry McGillewie & Sharon McGillewie
          3rd Hendrik Loots & Pieter du Plessis
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