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It is all about word of mouth marketing and it works like this:  Delighted customers will add reviews that grow your reputation and they will share and email referrals if you make it easy to do and if you reward them for doing so.
For many restaurant owners creating a list of customers is a good first start.
The Loyalty & Referral Communicator makes it easy to review, share and to create SMS & email customer lists. An industry norm is to promote specials. The result is that the specials become the dominant seller and food cost averages can rise by up to 10%. With reduced cash flow the little things that make a big difference get cut!  An industry norm is to promote specials. The result is that the specials become the dominant seller and food cost averages can rise by up to 10%. With reduced cash flow the little things that make a big difference get cut! There is nothing wrong with running discounted specials; the trick is not to make the balance of the menu seem overpriced. A way of managing this matter is to offer specials as an on phone coupon buy that is obtainable on phone in exchange for a review or for a share. In this way the restaurant can grow a customer list and it promotes the communicator app to diners.
Find this demo app at  
On this app you will find a full range of rewards to attract, engage, convert, retain and encourage referrals that will grow the business by word of mouth referral marketing.
Loyalty Programme Marketing
Integrating Coupon, Loyalty & Referral Marketing - Makes Us Unique 
"We take word of mouth marketing online and make it easy for customers to grow your business. 
Deeply discounted coupons attract bargain hunters.  There is another way.
Customers sharing rewards with friends introduces customers to delight & retain."
Try it Free & We'll Show You That It'll Work For You.
From Third Party Coupon Marketing to Structured In-house Coupon, Loyalty & Referral Marketing
"Think of it as automated, online word of mouth marketing"
"We've taken the best from coupon, loyalty & referral marketing
to create a unique APP that gets your customers to grow your business."
Coupon Marketing
We offer online, on-phone & print & present coupons, vouchers & tickets
Objective: Target, Attract & Convert
• Find the value to Audiences eg Singles, Families, Retirees, Corporate Exec’s
• We target audiences based on profiles and interests
Loyalty Marketing
We offer every customer a private account within three customer segments and our on-phone App button offers direct pull access to the latest info & links
Objective: Segment, Engage & Retain
• Gather feedback with advanced dynamic online surveys
• Host #hashtag competitions, events, luckydraws and more
Referral Marketing
We offer one click one-to-one reward (coupon, voucher or ticket) sharing by e-mail, download or in print, review sharing and content link sharing
Objective: Mobilise Advisors, Advocates & Ambassadors
• Like minded customer segmentation enables lookalike customer targeting
• Host the content or curate the links to fun & entertainment, info, trends, infographics, events, reviews, news, case studies, success stories, discounted offers, comments, VIP memberships, knowledge and more. CLICK HERE to review a list of reward examples 
Keys to Success
Delighted customers: Are likely to offer referrals
Rewarded customers: Are likely to offer referrals
Enabled customers: Make referrals (reviews & link sharing) easy
Rewarded Referral Marketing
Simple to Review & Share
Simple to Gift Matched Coupon Rewards
Outbound Social & Direct Sharing
"It's Online Word of Mouth" 
Rewarded Loyalty Marketing
Segmented Customer Base
Delight, Engage to Find Your Value
Build Relationships, Advisors & Advocates 
Coupon Marketing
Inbound Lookalike Customer Referrals
Target Profitable Audiences
Delight & Convert Inbound Audiences

Try it Free & We'll Show You That It'll Work For You.


Double Turnover in Half the TimeIt 
Reputations & Referrals Grow Businesses
  • We Grow Reputations and Referrals
  • We fuse Website, App, Blog & Social Media communication
  • We automate online, on phone, coupon, loyalty and referral marketing
  • We identify your status, next steps and relevant rewards
  • We supply every customer with a private loyalty account
  • We mobilise your customers to grow your business
  • Let’s double turnover in half the time
  • Let us show you how it can be done
  • Sign-up… and try it free
...only appealing offers drive shares,
so select a
valuable and compelling incentive
specifically matched to your best customers.
...the most compelling benefit
will not be a financial discount...

Keys to Success

Reputation & Referrals

  • Reputation & Referrals… grow businesses
  • Incentives work… when relevant
  • Give to get works… Gift rewards; make it personal
  • When it’s easy… it happens
  • When it’s rewarded… it happens
  • Facebook referral sharing… the 200x message multiplier
  • Ask and get… 3x the referrals
  • Let us show you… that it’ll work for you
  • Sign-up… and try it free
"Is your Restaurant Struggling, Surviving, Thriving?
Are you busy serving coupon waving bargain hunters?" 
Those that know better, know that profitable customers sharing earned referral rewards with friends, works. 
Simply put: Done right - Give to Get Works! 
Why do we offer a limited free trial?
It's a limited offer as we must be a good fit and we must have a free trial "job slot" available
Why Free Trials?  We believe in personalised solutions
We have found that customers prefer to see how it will work for them rather than how it works for others.
Contact us to see if we have a free trial job slot for you. ACT NOW and see it work for you. 
SUBMIT the contact form below for us to contact you about building your Free Trial.
Double Restaurant Turnover in Half the Time

Reputation & Referrals Grow Restaurants 

  • Step1: Fuse Website… App, Blog & Social Media
  • Step 2: Automate marketing… coupon, loyalty & referral
  • Step 3: Establish next steps… & relevant rewards
Try it free & Let us show you how it works

We Grow Reputations and Referrals

  • Step 4: Connect with… private customer accounts
  • Step 5: Mobilise… customers to make referrals
  • Step 6: Let’s double… turnover in half the time

Try it Free & We'll Show You That It'll Work For You.




                                                   Try it Free & We'll Show You That It'll Work For You.



Keys to Restaurant Success
Most will agree that success will include:
  • Managing food and other costs.
  • Marketing, maintaining brand identity and budgeted covers.
  • Finding and maintaining a competitive advantage.
Loyalty; a Game Changer
We do not recommend that restaurants take their eye off the ball. To have a branded loyalty programme, all you need do, is pass the ball.
Restaurants are social venues and building communities with whom they have relationships can be scaled to thousands in little time and at little cost. It is all possible, thanks to integration with social media and with short messaging channels.
Stage one loyalty programmes, such as, self-interest punch cards work, but they do not encourage diners to grow your business. Participating in Buy-One-Get-One-Free coupon marketing is costly. Often, you often have to pay the coupon vendor another 25%, leaving you with a net 25%, that you get some months later. Investing in loss leaders will build an audience for loss-leading-deals but will it grow your customer base of regular customers who pay regular prices? I suspect you know the answer.
The flip side is that you end up with coupon stubs, that you use to claim your +/- 25%. The problem is that you do not even get to know who the stubs are from, never mind that they are captured into a system to grow your business. Certainly, this is not a loyalty programme, but it may just rent you a crowd, if this is what you are prepared to pay for.
Success stories tell of rewarding diners for their brand advocacy on social media.
Brand advocacy is about the tweets, message shout-outs, photos, etc. on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+, Pinterest, etc. In short, it is the community buzz that exists with or without your participation.
By participating in the social media buzz, restaurants can interact with guests, promote menu items or simply spotlight guests having fun in a way that others will want to be a part of.
Many ignore social media as they do not have the tools to harness the energy that it generates.
Engaged customers will offer advise such as responding to survey’s. Ask:
 - What special should we run paired with what?
-  What is a good week-end pairing during sports games?
-  Is it a beer and pretzels?
Restaurants can learn quickly, be responsive and more confidently meet demand preferences.
TGI Fridays’ created a Macaroni & Cheese burger – the idea went viral long before it got to the menu that attracted queues of eager guests.
The return on investment needed, for success, needs to be a return on relationships.
that have been established and nurtured. It’s about targeting preferences that change with the seasons and holiday vibes. What’s a great Mother’s Day Special, Winter Warmer, etc? 
Here are some ideas:
  • Restaurants with a club atmosphere are regular meeting places. The Manager recognizes frequent guests, knows what they eat and drink and has a relationship with them. The kind of place depicted in the sitcom “Cheers” where the regulars pitch up nightly because “everybody knows your name.”
  • With technology and social media integration this “Cheer’s atmosphere” can be replicated in large clubs fifty times the size of the original “Cheers.”
  • Get the chefs into the restaurant. Customers delight in selfies with the chef.
  • Get your latest menu, with styled photo’s online, that can be easily shared.
  •  Start liking your customer’s pictures that they share with your #hashtag as it shows that you are engaged in the conversation that they are promoting.
  • Better still host pages that link to the #hashtags and their pictures.
This is just one example of how you could get it done:
  • reserve tables for regulars and have the same waiter/waitress be their "Maître d.'"
  • Have the table load selfies to the table #hashtag and reward the table for selfie, food and drink social sharing.
  • Run inter table contests and make the rewards on the night.
  • If 2 people at a table share a selfie on their social media sites with an average of 250 friends the reach will be 500 and if 20% retweet or share on Facebook etc. the reach jumps to 25,000 before it goes viral.  
How can you make this happen?
  1. Promote your own App (that we create for you) to customers who add the App button to their phone home screens or PC bookmarks.
  2. Customers tap the button to open the App and see what’s new. This could be a picture taken by the waiter/waitress last night. Diners comment on the picture and or on the fun, meals, drinks and service and with one click share it on Facebook or they can share on other social networks or forward by e-mail, WhatsApp etc.
  3. The advantage of having an App with styled menu photos is not to misrepresent but to present the menu item in the best possible light (literally).  All too often the atmosphere builders such as candles and dimmed lighting make for terrible pictures. The waiter/waitress can easily advise that the dish is on the App with one click sharing enabled. Thus, the guest taps the App button, scrolls to their dish and shares with a comment to their friends on the memorable culinary delight that they have in front of them.
  4. Host inter-table (inter waiter/waitress) picture contests.
  5. Invite patrons to register (once only) and opt-in for short message alerts and e-mail news. This gives you two databases and it gives every patron their own personal loyalty account where they can see their coupons, lucky draw entries, prepaid event entrance tickets, etc.
Marketing Solutions
You can pay a fortune for enterprise software solutions offering multiple Data Cloud Services for menu recommendations and analytical menu preference forecasts and the money would be well spent by those that have big budgets. The best is that we can make solutions affordable.
One-On-One Marketing
We offer a hands-on affordable solution that pays dividends in relationships within a connected community. Technology enables one-on-one marketing through inter-personal communication channels and casual restaurants who ask nameless diners if the meals are good are not taking up the opportunity to get their customers to grow their businesses. We do not change customer behaviours we encourage them and leverage them by offering incentive rewards.
Word of mouth was the tried and tested route to popularity. Today, social media is the game changer.
Taste, flavour and presentation have always defined the customer experience. Today, presentation needs extra care as meals are increasingly photographed and are shared in this new transparent world. People share moments with live networks that are eager to respond.
On popular nights, diners can switch destinations in a flash based on shared pictures of a mouthwatering special.



CLICK HERE for the 12 FAQ's That Will Get You Going

Hi there,
We  help passionate restauranteurs scale their businesses by attracting new and repeat diners within 90 days without looking desperate. We do this by coaching, consulting and by supplying our 4 channel loyalty and referral marketing platform that boosts customer engagement and it makes it easy for incentivised customers to grow restaurant covers.
Our LPM is a coached BwY (Built with You) solution based on supplied content such as menu's etc. You Drive & we Nav.
The read more links on each of the above 12 Frequently Asked Quiz Questions offer significant insight and frameworks to guide your growth. Set out below you will find the alternatives plus the pros and cons that will enable you to gather your thoughts for a one on one chat with me.
All our systems including encryption, firewalls, malware monitoring, backups and hosting is based in the USA. Our programming and graphic design support teams are based in Asia with management based in South Africa.
Kind regards
Alan Mackenzie  
Digital Marketing Coach                                                                                              
B.Acc, B.Com. (Hons), Dip. PA, CA (SA)
CEO: Webo
Loyalty Programme Marketing
Includes your own App that issues your own Coupons, Vouchers, Lucky Draw Entries, Event Tickets and it offers a tried and tested method to get your customers to grow your restaurant.
 Frequently Asked Questions 
The Quiz above details in 12 Questions the most Frequent Questions that we are asked.
Each READ MORE option on each of the 12 questions offers detail on each of the 12 slides including an enlarged slide.
  Please note:  You can click on any image on this page to enlarge the image.   
  Wow, every single customer gets a private social account to manage reviews, coupons, etc! 


Q: Okay, but I want to get up and running fast. Is there a fast track option?

 A: Yes 

   Step 1: Book a chat; It’s effective, faster and cheaper!
                                      Step 2: You decide; BwY or B4U
                                      Step 3: Chat to us about the limited offer of up to 50% off on early sign-up.
                                      Step 4: Build your App in a day or book a day & we will B4U.
                                      Step 5: After the "kwik build" grow your platform & engagement over time
PS: The App builds and manages the customer social accounts, coupon, ticket or reward issue & redemption. BwY: You load menus and pictures, select and edit template terms and coupon/voucher/ticket wording & images. B4U: We do it all.
PPS: The fast-moving world that we live in, is not hindered by historical possibility, but by future opportunity. It hinges on predicting buying behavior based on desires and not on historical trends. Give your customers something to talk about or share and they will. It is the key to digital marketing success.

What do we offer?
An App supported by a website, blog and social media integration that makes it easy for your customers to share comments that you incentivise.
Why does the LPM Grow Your Business?
Our LPM Referral Marketing App works because we make it easy for users to share and because you provide incentives that people want to share and talk about.
Our Four Channel Marketing System is a unique ground breaking referral marketing tool that nurtures your customer base to grow your business. Used optimally the system will find you new audiences and attract these into your customer relationship system prior to them participating in loyalty and referral incentives, etc.
We assist with enhancing awareness - education and conversion.
If you have your own "Tech Savvy" marketing department you can speed up our BwY  system. For most SME's and bigger entities, with no time to spare,  that focus on core competencies we offer a complete B4U management package so that you can focus on what you do best!
Common Problems Faced by Local Businesses
Relating to Their Websites & Digital Marketing:
We help you to get found with measured visibility.
We assist with the problems on the left as follows:
  1. Poor internet visibility with a low Google Ranking.
  2. People do not visit the website or it receives limited visits.
  3. No customer loyalty programme.
  4. Customer relationships are not managed.
  5. Sales are over the counter or in-store and no records of the customers are kept.
  6. Coupons are marketed to 3rd party coupon vendors but the coupon buyers never become regular customers.
  7. Website is out of date.
  8. No measured traffic.
  1. Growth does not rely on Google, SEO nor Rankings.
  2. The App is product centric attracting customer curisoty.
  3. Loyalty programme coupon reward functionalty.
  4. CRM via messaging  and e-mail opt-databases.
  5. Opt-in Databases and every customer has a social account for reviews, blog comments and loyalty coupons.
  6. Coupons are branded in your name to registered customers who are known.
  7. Fresh product content specials are added.
  8. App videos display engagement view counters.

What do we do for you? In summary:
  • We meet online, to discuss the vision, strategy, customer profile and the geographic location of the desired customer base.
  • We finalise your preference between the BwY and B4U option.
  • You pay for your choice of engagement.
  • BwY: We set up your site and we offer online Q & A webinars plus HOW TO buid guidelines per page.
  • B4U: We listen, and we research your value to your clients and the benefits that are important to them.
  • We suggest referral rewards/incentives and alternative incentives for customers to share with friends.
  • You provide us with your menu and other content normally available on a website plus your customer list.
  • We build & market to your subscribers by way of the App, Blog or showcase.
  • We monitor your facebook Business Page and the audience building, audience education & conversion analytics. We suggest market reach booster alternatives including Google Shopping, Facebook adverts, Retargeting and more.
  • We implement, manage and report.
  • The Connect Look & Chat Facebook Mantra with Pixel Analytics is fully supported.
The LPM App is especially designed to grow your business by customers sharing incentives and rewards with friends.
  • We make it easy to share and you need to offer valued incentives.
  • The incentives need not be financial discounts.
  • Secret menu's advance booking and other matters need to be researched to find the value.
  • Your customers will share and they will talk about you online because it is easy to do and because you have given them something to talk about.
  • The most valued "gift" is a memorable social experience; it is what hey will return for and only you can make this happen.


CLICK ON THE ABOVE IMAGE, to read the full Webo Vouchers Brochure.


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