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We Provide:
Alan Mackenzie
Webo CEO,
066 307 1938


Video Library

Webo Sites:  Duration 3min 38 sec
The above video offers a comprehensive overview of the site builder; what you get when you signup for a Webo site will be covered eg websites, blogs, shops, showcases, auctions, coupons, apps, meeting rooms, WhatsGood contact list communicators, Link & List communicators and more. 

Is Your Website Buried on the Internet: 1 Min 57 sec
Connect, Look and Chat may just get you found!
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Webo Directory: Duration 3 Min 33 sec
An overview of the Directory Builder and the option of having your own directory to list all your, agents (insurance co's), partners (legal and auditing firms), members (associations), congregations (international churches), franchisees (franchises), etc.

Networked Communities
A whole new way of getting found on the Internet: 1 min 20 sec
Business is about relationships and it only takes a shoestring page to kickstart your network.
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Webo Link & List Communicator: Duration 6 min 24 sec
Content communication on PCs and on Phones is as simple as tapping a butto/bookmark and opening a list that links to content. The content may be a board meeting pack, exhibitors at a trade show, businesses that belong to an association, product manuals that a sales representative may need to refer to, client documents needed for a court case, etc. Bulk content is hosted and is accessed via the links on the communicator.  The WhatsGood contact lists are a specialist Link and List Communicator.

SEO vs CLC: 58 sec
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google PPC were born to rule being found on the internet based on Keyword Search, Keyword Optimisation, backlinks etc. Then, along came Connect, Look and Chat (CLC) tied to the demographics and psycographics of people and now there are options!
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The Meetings Communicator (TMC)
The secret to effective meetings:  8 min 50 sec
An overview of the Online Meeting Room coupled with the Phone/PC Meeting Pack App.

The Meetings Communicator (TMC)
A Game Changer: 9 min 15 sec
A review of the Online Meeting Room that is a meetings game changer. See how it is a one of a kind platform for effective meetings.

Ground Rules for Effective Meetings:  6min 12 sec
Insights on running effective meetings.
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WhatsGood Contact List Marketing: 5 Min 30 sec
Neighbourhoods, Niche Markets & More can benefit from the power of collective marketing. Useful lists create value that will be shared offering marketing value to those listed and handy contact information for users.
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Loyalty Programme Marketing (LPM)
Taking Customer Loyalty to the Next Level: 6 min 25 sec
Loyalty programmes have been aimed at getting customers to buy more and more often. We have taken LPM to the next level.  Our Mantra: Delight - Grow - Reward is aimed at customers being rewarded for growing your business.

Loyalty Programme Marketing (LPM)
The 3 Steps to Viral Social Media Marketing: 7 min 45 sec
It takes an awesome deal, a marketing enabler and action.
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PeP - Stage 5
About the Communicator: 4 min 49 sec
An overview of the Communicators functionality


PeP - Stage 8: 6 min 38 sec
How to get your customers to grow your business

PeP Stage 9 - Audience Building
Paid vs Free Internet Marketing Channels: 14 min 51 sec
Once you have an attractive offer to delight your customer base you need to create awareness and educate your customers about the value so that they convert from the audience to being customers. Paid vs Free are the options to internet marketing.

The "What" and some of the "How": 42 Min
Taking the "IM" out of "IMPOSSIBLE" as relates to turnaround or business growth challenges is covered in this video. We suggest that you start with reviewing the PeP page - CLICK HERE.
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