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Reward Programme

Webo LPM - Getting Started
If you are new to referral marketing we recommend that you review the following eBooks:
  • Digital Marketing with the Webo SaaS and
  • Reward Structuring with the Webio SaaS
In addition we recommend that you plan your Referral Marketing Campaign and that you create a plan in three phases; setup, build and drive. Subscribers will have access to comprehensive roadmap guidelines.
the Webo Academy is dedicated to your build success and coordinates support from an online meeting room at https://academy.webo.directory. In this online meeting room you will find links to About and How To aids as well as to Video reviews. Subscribers are invited to Q&A webinars and webinar highlight replays are available in the online meeting room.
DIY Build Support
We offer:
  • HOW TO TIPS:  On all site building options in the Site Builder there is a How To Tips note at the foot of all pages that offer How To Tips on the building of that page.
  • Online live chat or offline e-mail engagement
  • Booked consultations
  • Online Meeting rooms that are open 24/4
  • Templates: Terms & Conditions, Coupons & Vouchers, Site Look & Feel
  • eBook downloads and online Flip Books
  • Powerpoint Presentations and Template Roadmaps
  • PDF documents
  • Video Tutorials, Video Presentations and Webinar Replays
  • Weekly Q & A Webinars on Wednesdays at 6pm SA Time, 11am NY Time & 4 pm GMT
We are passionate about coaching you to build your own LPM Communicator APP. No coding skills are needed. Building and maintaining your own communicator and referral marketing campaigns will enable you to get close to your customers and to better understand their needs and desires.
The LPM Campaign
The Campaign Strategy is to research and create relevant rewards that are promoted by following a roadmap through the three phases of Setup, Build and Drive. Campaigns are rolled out in three layers. We call it the Hamburger Method; Coupon, Loyalty & Referral Marketing.  
Before you start, survey your clients and ask them what it is that they value, for knowing what it is that they value, will enable you to create relevant rewards that are tuned to customer segmentation buckets or categories. The Webo SaaS has an advanced quizpage builder that will assist in this regard.
Coupon Marketing is about attracting targeted audiences with relevant coupon offers that are shared by customers. Loyalty Marketing is about segmenting your customers into like minded categories and then creating rewards that are relevant to the segments that you want to target. We suggest a two step approach. 
Broad Audience segments for a legal firm may be; corporate clients, family law cases and litigation.  A restaurant may segment customers into the following broad categories; families with young kids, mature couples and business executives. Fashion Stores may have swingers, corporate work wear and formal evening wear categories.
There is a huge range of rewards that that may be relevant to customers.  Marketing coupon rewards, for adding reviews or for sharing, or to customers that have a defined loyalty status that is based on points should be considered.
Financial rewards need to be carefully considered as they may impact upon the perception of value.  A product that is discounted by say, 50%, on a regular basis will create a different value perception to a two for one offer that is aka the BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) offer.
 Delighted customers will add reviews if you ask and reward them for doing so on the LPM App as it is easy to do.
Building relationships with customers is the cornerstone of establishing a customer community that engages and who advocate your products and services to their friends.  Collective marketing is a major reach booster. Groups of businesses offering a reward to the customers of the group can become a viral campaign. To do this each business offers the coupon rewards of the others on their communicator apps. As an example, a hotel could offer coupons from stores in the local malls.
Demo LPM Options Include:
Jewellery Store LPM App
Decor / Furniture Store LPM App
Restaurant  LPM App
Hotel, Lodge & B'nB LPM App 
Shopping Mall LPM App
Law Firm LPM App 

Tap the image above to view the Guide online as a Flip Book

Scroll down for the Chapter Headings and select an option to view that page only.

The Webo LPM Getting Started Guide
  • L&R = Loyalty & Referral
  • Communicator Listings are loaded to a Store and then they are activated for display in the store and or in the LPM Communicator App (aka L&R Communicator)
  • Marquee = A String of Text or an Image that scrolls across a screen. It can be text or an image moving across a background image eg an aircraft moving across the sky.
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