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Vouchers vs Coupons: What is the difference?

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The Difference between Coupons & Vouchers
It is crucial to understand the difference between our coupons, vouchers and gift vouchers. People may confuse these three terms, and therefore it is important to define them thoroughly.  All coupons/vouchers will be subject to a validity period and some will be subject to verification and to a reservation.
We have four standard categories of vouchers. Vouchers are pre-paid, in advance, in full. The first voucher category is for an event which may, for example, be a charity fund raiser with a lucky draw for a significant prize. In this case, the price of a voucher will exceed the cost of the meal. The second category is for Chef’s Specials. A chef may create new dishes that are not on the standard menu to test popularity and curiosity. The pricing may or may not be discounted. We have two discount categories; at least 25% (Deals) or less than 25%(Specials). The reason for issuing a discounted pre-paid voucher versus a coupon may be the desire to know in advance who will come and when.
Coupons are documents that validate an offer to buy at a specified price or on specified terms and conditions. Webo manages the coupon marketing sites and Webo sells the coupons and vouchers on sites created, managed, maintained and branded in the name of the business partner/agent.
Coupons and vouchers can be directly purchased by customers (or they can be sponsored by companies). Gifting coupons / vouchers is a popular and affordable way for companies to recognise and reward work performance.

Printable coupons, vouchers and gift voucher cards introduce the menu to new customers by way of existing customers sharing links to their friends on Facebook, Followers on Twitter, Business Connections on LinkedIn, et
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