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Ten Steps to Marketing Success aka How Too Build Your Mailing List

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1. Play the long game.
Keep your current subscriber's happy by meeting their expectations. They know you, and you, them. Establish and maintain a conversation that is mutually profitable. All too often the chase for new subscribers leaves your loyal customer base being underwhelmed by your attention to their needs. They share their disappointment, and all too soon you will be infamous.
2. Set affordable, meaningful and achievable objectives
Yes, the idea is to grow your business by way of increasing turnover. Growing turnover is easy when you have Gazillions in the budget, but many a local success story has begun with getting a small team together to move a mountain of obstacles to success. Do not be blinded by the immediacy of the need to make a profit. Focus on converting your current subscribers or diners into being advocates that tell your story to their friends and business connections.
3. Empower your Advocates
Having satisfied customers with memorable moments to share is an essential start. Next, you have to help them to tell their stories. You need to feature your menus, specials, deals and memorable events on your social media sites so that they have something to comment on. Out of sight is indeed, out of mind. We all have high-quality cameras on our mobile phones. Use them and share images (with a customer's permission) on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Your Voucher Site's Blog will gather these for sharing on your voucher website. Your customers should be shown the picture and be asked if they want it/them loaded to your social media sites. They will see them and when they do they are likely to share them with their Friends on Facebook,  Followers on Twitter and with their Followers on Instagram.  Fun pictures tell a story, and the by-product can be a wave of viral marketing that will amaze.
4. Target the Right Audience for your Marketing
Where you have happy customers, it is likely that their friends will be like minded. When friends share memorable moments, you will be top-of-mind albeit, fleetingly.  The trick ( which should be your central objective), is to enable your customers to do your marketing for you. This is done by ensuring that subscriber opt-in and social media share options are prominently available.
5. Buying lists
Buying lists are the folly of big budgets and desperate marketers. There is a school of thought that suggests that you should only buy e-mail lists from reputable and certified companies that have lists to suit your budget and target market needs. Better still focus on what you have and trust in them giving credibility to a message that you cannot buy!
6. Be Creative And Chronograph Events
Pleasing e-mail designs add value to e-mail marketing success. Beauty, however, does lie in the eye of the beholder and thus we recommend testing your market with different themes to find what works best.
7. Sell Dining Experiences not Meals
Customers seek fun times. Also, they want to spoil more than their taste buds.  Interact with your diners and discuss event evenings to find what they advise are fun events. Holding a competition and making it as a customers idea that was voted to be the best idea by subscribers is likely to attract attention and inspire some to get a table together for a fun evening.
8. Your e-mail campaigns must include the basics of tried and tested successful campaigns the world over.
These are that there must be a call to action. What you want to be done needs to be a click away. Perhaps it is a Buy Now Button, or a Sign-Up Button, A Read More button or another option that engages the customer in taking action. Ask yourself, does this e-mail offer enough information to provide the customer with the information needed to take the desired action now.  Finally, ensure that you are offering something new, something old if you like but something that has a track record of provoking the curiosity to act.
9. Backup Mail Marketing with Mobile Marketing
You may catch a customer at a busy time, but if you sparked interest, they are likely to tap your button bookmark on their phone when they have a moment for reflection. International statics suggest that calls to action on phones are likely to lead to action within an hour whereas the same call will only spark action on a PC in a month. Day by Day more and more South Africans are going online on telephones, and we all know that the universal truth is that while we may lag international trends we are stars at catching up!
Mobile marketing appeals to one's emotions in a period when customers are likely to be relaxed. Phone in hand - tap the voucher buy-now option and share the deal with friends on social media with a call to make up a table stands a chance during a relaxed moment.  Desktop PC's have customers engaged when they are likely to be analytical and less easily persuaded.
10. Experiment
Remember we are here to help explore and test opportunities for success.
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